Xi’an – Terracotta Army and the Huashan Mountains

To be honest, I thought that Xi’an would be a small city near to the Huashan Mountains and the Terracotta Army and that would be all. I was wrong, completely wrong. In China there are no small cities, the city has with its urban areas nearly 10 million people and the city center is surrounded by an old city wall. As I messed something up with my trains, I had only two instead of three days in the city, and I wasn’t able to visit the wall. I could have done a bike tour on the wall, but I decided to visit the Terracotta Army.


Day 1: Terracotta Army and Muslim district

I arrived at 8 am in Xi’an with my night train, which was surprisingly comfortable, and after my check-in, I was ready to visit the Terracotta Army. To get to the Terracotta Army, you must take a bus at the Xi’an Railway Station which takes about 1,5 hours to get there. It only costs 7 yuan (0,87 Euro), and you’ll arrive just at the entrance. After paying 120 yuan (15 Euro), you’ll find a park and 3 Buildings in which the warriors are. To be honest, it was good, but it wasn’t this “wowww effect” for me. The history behind it is stunning, they were built before 2200 years, and 700.000 people worked at a time to get them ready. In addition to that these 8000 warriors have all different faces. This was pretty cool facts. But to be honest, to see it, take a photo, surrounded by a million Chinese tourists and go back was not worth the stress. It was good to see, but I wouldn’t do it again. Instead, I would rather take a tour with the bike around the city wall.

 Terracotta Army

In the evening I then went to visit the Muslim district which is basically a food paradise.  There are several streets full of street food, and you can find a lot of different things. I tried an Octopus which was grilled on a stick and with a lot of spices. It was quite good! In addition to that, I had bread which was heated on a grill and toped with oil and spices. On our way home, we then found this amazing water show in the middle of the city. I heard that this show is every evening at 8.20 pm in front of the Drum Tower. It was definitely a nice surprise and a good evening.

 Bell Tower Xi'anBell Tower Xi'an

Day 2: Huashan Mountains – Most exhausting but the best hike in my life so far.

I got up at 6 am to take a metro, a high-speed train, a bus, and another bus to get to the Huashan Mountains which are about 120 km away from Xi’an. I decided to climb the full mountain instead of taking the cable car. The plan was to hike the way up and take the cable car to go down because there is not enough time to climb and go down in one day. I would recommend this way only for people who are super sporty. At the end of the days, my boundaries were stretched to the end, and I couldn’t walk any more meter. The hike lasted in total 7 hours, and I made in total 28 km – sounds not that much I know – but considering that I did over 2000 meter in attitude and walked up stairs for 4 hours strait makes it another thing. The first half hour of the hike was a normal path going up, but then the stairs started, and they didn’t end for 4 hours straight (excluding my pauses). Some were normal stairs, some were small, some big, and some were dangerous. The most dangerous part was in the middle of the hike to go up, the stairs were so steep that you had to take your hands as help to not fall down for 50 meters – without any security. Arriving at the top where the cable car arrived I thought it would be over and I had made it. I was wrong. There are 4 peaks, and the highest one was a lot higher than the first one. After hiking up for 3 hours, it took me another 3 hours to reach the top peak. But the view I had was worth the pain! It was just an incredible hike with perfect weather and a sports challenge.

Huashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan Mountains

Huashan Mountains
These were the crazy and dangerous stairs. It continued for 200 meters straight.

Huashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan MountainsHuashan Mountains

The Video from my adventure is coming soon!

  • Total countries I visited until now: 25


  • Planes: 2
  • Busses: 4
  • Trains: 3
  • Km running: 185 km
  • Drinks: 7


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