Why you shouldn’t visit India in Monsoon season

Should I visit a country in the rainy season or not? That’s always a hard question, and you can be lucky and have a fantastic time for lower prices, but sometimes it’s a big waste of time. Some countries are worth visiting in Rainy season like Myanmar or even Thailand, but some countries are not advisable, and that’s the case for India.

India in Monsoon
Some nature near Bangalore

In India, the monsoon is so strong and the infrastructure so poor that you can’t travel to most of the places, it’s simply not possible because roads are closed and it’s super dangerous because of landslides and flooding. In other countries, you might get wet, and the beaches aren’t the best places to be, but that’s ok, and you can still enjoy your time. In India, however, you’re stuck in big cities and can’t leave or fly to the next big city.

Especially when you are looking for nature places are often shut down or not reachable like Kerala, Himachal Pradesh or Sikkim. It is possible to visit the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore but there you have problems to find good nature. The best place to be during the monsoon would be in Kashmir, but because of a recent escalation of the conflict between India and Pakistan it’s not possible to visit there, and this could be true for the next years as well.  

In other countries like Myanmar, the monsoon hasn’t that much of an impact. Sure, it sometimes rains and you have to change your plans slightly, but it’s still possible to reach the places and enjoy even nature with some appropriate clothes.

First impressions India
At least the food is amazing all year round

The monsoon in India is definitely not to be underestimated, and in my opinion, India really is the wrong place to travel during the monsoon season. To really enjoy the full beauty of India it isn’t advisable to travel in India during monsoon especially as the monsoon gets stronger year to year and more problems occur.

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