Why you shouldn’t do a one-day tour to Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Out of money and time aspects, I decided with my best friend and two other friends to book a one-day trip to Fraser Island from Noosa with the Adventure Fraser Island Tour group – It turned out to be a quite expensive fail.

We paid 190 AUD for the tour with Adventure Fraser Island Tour group from Noosa (It’s the same for discovery Fraser Island Tour), only to sit on a bus all day. The day started at 6 am and ended around 6 pm – in these 12 hours we were sitting around 9 hours in a bus on really bumpy roads and haven’t seen much from what happened around. I would instead take one of the other tours, more on that later. But let’s start with describing the journey.

The journey:

It all started at 6 am when they picked us up in the Hostel in Noosa. The vehicle we took was a 4WD bus with 15 seats. After picking up everyone the bus was full, and we started to make our way to Rainbow beach. On our bus we were by far the youngest ones and also the ones with less money then everyone else (Real Backpackers as I say), that was already one clue that we went on the wrong tour.

After driving for 2 hours, we arrived at the Rainbow beach – the getaway for Fraser Island. We had a quick toilet break; the driver lowered the tire pressure and then we went through the forest on to a boat. Arriving on Fraser Island, we drove another 2 hours to the McKenzie lake in the middle of the Island. Actually, this drive is fantastic – if you are sitting in a car and drive by yourself or see at least something through the front window. But sitting in the back of the bus only see what’s on the sides (Trees, trees, and more trees) and getting shake around for 2 hours was not very pleasant. And by a shaky ride, I don’t mean a few bumps in the road, I mean a sand road with 50 cm holes and a 4WD bus.

Fraser Island

McKenzie Lake

Ok, McKenzie lake is just amazing. It’s a beautiful blue sweet water lake in the middle of a sand Island. The water temperature is exactly right, and the sand is soft. Just look at the pictures they describe it best, I guess. The problem here was that they gave us only 50 mins at the lake with changing clothes twice and walking down. Precisely enough time to take these photos and jump once into water.

Fraser Island
Fraser Island
Fraser Island


The lunch was served after the lake, and I have to admit it was delicious. I had a steak, and there was a buffet of salads which were fresh and tasty. Drinks were served from cola to beer and wine, and the people were friendly.


After our lunch, we helped the guide to pack everything together and went back to the bus. We drove one more our until we arrived in a part called “central,” it is here where the aboriginal people lived for thousands of years. In the middle, there is a small river running over the sand with crystal clear water. That water went through the island and got filtered from the sand for 80 to 100 years until it runs through this river – impressive. We walked this “Bushwalk” (Actually a humanmade way on wood) for 20 mins (Only 500 meters), and the guide explained everything to us.

Fraser Island

Way back

After the walk, we went back to the bus and drove for another 2 hours back to the boat and mainland on these shaky “streets,” and on the mainland, we needed to drive another 2 hours back to Noosa. So, we sat on the bus for around 9 hours that day and only had two small activities and Lunch.

Fraser Island

I would highly recommend spending a little bit more money and do a tag along tour for two days and one night or even three days and two nights. Of course, it’s more expensive, but it’s also worth it. After all, Fraser Island is something you shouldn’t miss in Australia, and then you should do it right. If you’re over 21, you can even drive yourself on the sand what has to be a fantastic experience. In addition to that these tours are full of Backpackers and you go camping with all of these new friends which can be the most fantastic experience.

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