Why you should visit Nusa Penida with a Tour

Nusa Penida is the Island just next to Bali – it is there where all these fantastic photos get shot and where you can find one amazing beach next to the other. If you are in Bali, don’t have that much time and still want to get a taste of that Island – you should do it with a tour. The other possibility would be to visit the island in two days and sleep on the Island. However, one day was enough, and I would do it always again.

Nusa Penida

The tour

At around 6 am we got a pickup from our Hotel and drove in an airconditioned car to the harbor where we got a small breakfast and waited for the speed boat. The boat took us in 30 minutes to Nusa Penida Island. On there are two tour guides were awaiting us – two young and friendly men and there English was also kind enough to have a normal conversation.

Nusa Penida

We also booked a snorkeling trip, so they took us to the beach and gave us fins and a mask and so we climbed on a small boat. We went snorkeling on three spots and had as much time in the water as we wished for. After that, the second guide picked us up with the car, and we drove to a lunch place. Surprisingly the place was very fancy, and the food was excellent – each of us could choose one meal and one drink.

Nusa Penida

After the Lunch break we drove to the Kelingking beach – the beach probably everybody already saw on a photo. From there we visited the Angel’s Billabong and the Broken beach, both beautiful places. The whole time our guide was taking pictures of us, and I probably got the best photos of all my travels because this guy knew what he was doing. At around 4.30 pm we retook the speed boat back to Bali and were driven back to our Hotel.

Nusa Penida

The costs

All inclusive the day cost us 1.300.000 IDR per person. In that price was everything included and we didn’t have to care about anything. In the price included was also the pickup and dropped off from the Hotel which was 200.000 IDR per person and the snorkeling trip which was 250.000 IDR per person. These were extras and don’t need to be included.

Nusa Penida

So why not go by yourself?

I usually like to do everything by myself – it saves money, and you are free. However, in this case, the better option was to take a tour. As I had a friend with me we were two people and our tour guides and nobody else – we basically could decide in which speed we go and when we needed a break or wanted to take more photos that were no problem. In addition to that, we wouldn’t have saved that much money without the tour as the most expensive part is the speed boat to the island which you have to take either way.

Nusa Penida

But the biggest issue is to get around the Island – the roads are terrible and damaged. As an experienced motorbike driver, it is possible to drive but still very dangerous. Our guide had to help a girl with her bike because she got stuck in a hill and the motorbike nearly broke down. And then there is the struggle to get a bike once arrived on the Island, it takes time, and on a one-day trip, you don’t have that much time. We were sitting in our air-conditioned car, and the driver brought us to save from beach to beach.

It is possible to visit Nusa Penida by yourself, but you should book an overnight stay and take more time to see everything. If you don’t have that time, a one-day tour is the better option!  

Nusa Penida
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