Why you should visit Georgetown, Malaysia

Georgetown in Malaysia is not only the food capital of Malaysia but also filled with Street art and the old town is recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage. Need any more reasons to visit? What about the fact that there are even beaches, beautiful temples and a hill where you can hike up or take the train to have an impressive view?

Why to visit Georgetown

Georgetown lies in the middle of Malaysia and is connect to the mainland with a bridge. There is also an airport, so you can either fly in or drive to the Island. Against my expectations the Island Penang isn’t quiet, it’s a million people city and Georgetown is only a small part of it. However, Georgetown is the place to stay as there is not much to do in the rest of Penang.

Best food in Malaysia

For Foodies, Georgetown is a paradise – it’s not only considered the food center of Malaysia but even as one of the best places in the world in terms of food. Malaysia has a wide mix of cultures and people come from different parts of the world. Chinese, Indian, and Thai people all came to Malaysia and added their touch to the cuisine. 4 of the best cuisines in the world together, you can imagine what’s the result of that – famous hawker center where you don’t know where to start and never want to leave. There are all the famous dishes from the different cultures and many mixed dishes. Curry Mee, Char kway Teow and Nasi Kandar can’t be missed! For more inspiration on what you should try click here.

There are food courts open in the day and others only open in the evening. Here are the best food centers you should check out. The best about all of that is that the food comes for such an incredibly cheap price. For 3 persons you normally don’t spend more then 10/15 euro. Some of the stores are so popular that you have to prepare yourself for queues up to one hour.

Why to visit Georgetown

Street art at its best

Not only the food in Georgetown is amazing, the street art around the old town is definitely worth the visit. I’m normally not that much into art, however these street art paintings are very cool and tell history in the same time. The tour will take you around 1 to 3 hours depending on how many paintings you visit. Everything is quiet near together and online you can find maps showing you all the paintings, or you just follow the crowd.

Why to visit Georgetown

Penang Hill

Penang Hill is reachable either by a mountain train or by hiking. The train cost around 10 euros. On top you have also different walking treks from 20 mins to 1-hour walking. Where the train arrives, you get spectacular views over the city, the island and you can see until the main land in good weather.

Why to visit Georgetown
Why to visit Georgetown


This temple is huge and located near to the Penang hill. On top you can find an enormous statue and a few big prayer halls. There is even a lift to get up which is a good idea to take as the hill is steep and it’s hot.

Why to visit Georgetown
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