Why you should never book Hostels on Booking.com

While traveling the accommodation in which you stay might be one of the most important things. It can change your travel experience from the best to the worse ever. Especially as a solo traveler Hostels will be a big part of your travel experience and it will change a lot. This is the reason why you should think twice before booking hostels and pay attention what you are booking. While I could write a whole book about the booking of hostels and which things you have to consider I found out one thing that might not be that obvious to everybody. And that’s what I wanted to write about here to inform you about that and make you think twice.

Never book Hostels on Booking.com

Booking.com might be the biggest website in the world to book Hotels, and I definitely book all my Hotels there, no doubt. But when it comes to Hostel nothing tops Hostelworld.com! And I made the mistake to reserve some of my last hostels on Booking.com – I got disappointed every single time. The Hostels on Booking.com are often only filled with locals, or they are just not that good. Even if they have high ratings, the ratings are usually for the private rooms and not the dorms. Besides, the ratings from Hostelworld.com and Booking.com are different. Where Hostelworld.com has the possibility to rate also the atmosphere and security of the room, booking.com is not looking at these points. This might result in wrong ratings for Hostels.

Here are my thoughts

I don’t say that every Hostel on Booking.com is terrible, but if it is good, you can find it also on Hostelworld.com and that for the same price. And on Hostelworld.com you can compare it a lot better to other Hostels. So, if you book a Hostel on Booking.com because you can’t find it on Hostelworld.com, the chances are high that the Hostel is not good, or it just attracts the wrong public. In some cases, the Hostels are good – like the one in Malang – but you can only find local seniors. And believe me it’s nearly impossible to connect with them because they don’t speak the language, don’t want to socialize and have such different plans then you – they won’t climb a volcano with you, that’s for sure. Where most people who book on Hostelworld.com are western tourists and you can easily connect with them – and they will also climb the volcano with you or visit the temple. So, if the Hostel is excellent, you can find it on both, Hostelworld.com and Booking.com if they are not good or full of locals you won’t find them on Hostelworld.com.

In conclusion, this means that you can find the good Hostels on Hostelworld.com and you should only look there for a Hostel. If the Hostel has a high rating (Over 9.0) on Hostelworld.com, you’ll never get disappointed.


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