Why do I like Singapore that much?

Singapore – the small city-state at the edge of Southeast Asia – a mega metropole, super modern with one of the best transportation systems, fantastic food choices and the cleanest city so far. This city has everything you need and endless attractions for tourists. Unfortunately, all of that comes for a price, but it’s worth to spend the extra money and visit this city which shows the world how the future will look like.

Why I like Singapore

What has Singapore to offer?

Gardens of the Bay, Marina Bay Sand, China town and little India are just a few of the must-see places in Singapore. The city offers a wide variety of modern and futuristic buildings and attractions and old and historic districts. The airport is an attraction in itself with the gigantic waterfall and rewarded as the best airport in the world for seven years in a row. If you fancy going shopping on Orchard road, you can spend all the money you have with one shopping mall lining up with the next one. Brands from H&M to Louis Viton and Cartier can be found here multiple times. And then there is the financial district of Singapore with all these high-rise buildings and futuristic designs. And last but not least you have Sentosa Island where you can find all possible activities to have fun – Universal studios, S.E.A. Aquarium, cable cars, waterparks, and even beaches.

Why I like Singapore

What makes it special?

It is clean, convenient, multicultural, fast living, modern, and rich in history – all of that on limited space. People speak English and are super friendly. Tourists are more than welcome, and it’s super easy to get around with a high-class transport system. Transport is also very cheap with fares not exceeding 3 Singapore Dollar (1,8 Euro) but on average only 1 Singapore Dollar (0,62 Euro).

Why I like Singapore
S.E.A. Aquarium – Jelly fishes

On the other side – in the middle of the high-rise buildings – you can find the best food for incredibly low prices in the so-called hawker centers. These food courts are a mix of street food and restaurants; they are checked on hygiene standards regularly and offer the best of food choices for low prices.

Why I like Singapore
Why I like Singapore

The mix of cultures, religions, people from all over the world, and food in all forms and shapes makes this place an extraordinary place. A four-day visit should be enough to dive in the city and get a feeling of how the city is – however, there is enough to do to spend more than a week without it getting boring.

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