Which country has Asia’s best food? – Top 3

Food and trying different cuisines is one of the best things while traveling. Discovering new things and just randomly order something without really knowing what it is are my favorite things to do. These randomly chosen dishes are mostly the best, and you’ll probably find your new favorite recipe like that. And one thing I can tell you already, the food you know from home is totally different than the food in the country itself. So, if you don’t like the Chinese restaurant around the corner, wait until you are in China – it is a different world.

Of course, this is my taste, and everyone likes different things, but there are three undeniable winners when it comes to food. Thailand, India, and China definitely win the race. All the other cuisines are tasty, but nothing comes even close to these three.

1.      China

Forget about the china restaurant around the corner in Europe or any western country, after you visited China you won’t visit that restaurant anymore. The food in China is totally different and 100 times better. As most people in China don’t speak one word of English and the menu is mostly only in Chinese, it was nearly always a gamble what I ate. BUT it was always delicious. On my second day of my WorldTravel, I went to a local restaurant and pointed at a picture what I figured out was something with chicken. I got the plate and ate the first bite with a few problems because I wasn’t used to the sticks. As soon as my taste buts came into contact with the perfectly cooked chicken with this mild spicy sauce, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was so amazing, and that was the moment I decided just to try new things and see what they offer even if I’m not familiar with the meal or what it is.

The best thing about Chinese eating habits is to share all the food. So you basically order five dishes for three people and usually get even free rice with it. The food comes into the middle of the table, and everyone has a small bowl where you put the rice with the different dishes. In the end, you taste five different meals instead of only one.  Here is my post about chinese food. 

Food China
The best thing about the food in China is that you order a lot and then share it so everybody eats from everything. You don’t have one dish but maybe 4 or 5 dishes which is pretty amazing.

2.      Thailand

I love Thailand, not only for the food but basically for everything. However, food is one of the big reasons I want to move to Bangkok. Like Indian cuisine, Thai cuisine is super diverse and has so many different things. Pad Thai is by far my favorite food, probably in the world. One thing I noticed, or locals explained to me is that there are some dishes which are especially liked by foreigners and some which mostly just locals eat. And it is true, most recipes I like are so-called “farang dishes” (farang is the Thai word for foreigner). The other dishes have an overpowering taste and are mostly also full of coriander which I don’t like. But dished like Pad Thai, chicken rice and basil beef are amazing. But also all the buns and spring rolls are simply delicious. I found that Chiang Mai has the best food in all of the countries and it’s super cheap. Here is my blog entry about the food in Thailand and here about the food, especially in Bangkok. Where you find the best food in Bangkok is here.

3.      India

India has such a diverse kitchen, and it is super easy to eat only vegetarian meals. Actually, vegetarian meals are even better than the ones with meat. The spices and ingredients are so strong and prominent that a simple Aloo (Potato) Masala is a taste explosion in your mouth. All of these masalas are best eaten with some Naan bread and with your fingers. At first, I found it strange that people here eat with their fingers, but it actually makes sense. Your masala is best picked up with your naan, and that’s not possible properly with fork and knife. Other than other countries who have the same food all over the country, India has two totally different cuisines. On the one side, you have the south Indian cuisine with their most famous dish, Dosa. On the other hand, you have the north Indian food with all the curries and masalas. So, in Goa, the food is different from Delhi, for example. Furthermore, most people fear the spicy food in India, but that’s not necessary. I can’t deal with the spicy Indian food, so I order my food without spicy. It will still be somehow spicy, but I can deal with it.

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