Where in Bali should you stay?

To be honest, when I planned on going to Bali I thought that it was one Island and there was just one place where all the tourist would stay. While I wanted to book my first Hostel, I realized that I was wrong. Bali is huge – like everything in Indonesia – and there are several beautiful areas where you can stay. Each of them has its characteristics, and you have different activities you can do in the different parts. I have been in the three main sections and this blog entry I’ll compare them, so you can decide upfront what is the best part to visit. Keep in mind that Bali is huge, and traffic can be horrible, so from Kuta to Ubud, you’ll need over one hour by motorbike and even longer with the car. It’s not a good Idea to stay in Kuta when you only do activities in Ubud.



The first time I went to Kuta, I only stayed there two nights, and that was also enough to see what’s going on. Kuta is like Phuket in Thailand or the Ballermann in Spain – a lot of drunk people in streets built for tourists and full of them. The main activities include partying and shopping, but also good food can be found here. During the day most people get rid of their Hangover, and if they overcome their sickness, they go and take a surfing lesson on Kuta Beach.

The beach of Kuta is nothing special but outstanding to surf for beginners as there are no coral reefs and the waves are not that high. And if you get hungry, you can choose one of the many restaurants next to the beach. They serve mostly western food and prices are expensive for Indonesia, but the food is mostly delicious. If you prefer some local specialties, you can look up on TripAdvisor or walk away a little bit from the beach and the party strip – prices will decrease drastically, and more local food can be found.


After I went to Lombok, I returned to Bali and went this time to Ubud. Ubud is located in the middle of the Island, and rice fields surround it. And that’s the thing which makes this part so beautiful, some hotels (mostly the better ones) are built on the edge of the rice fields, and you wake up in the middle of a green nature paradise. But even if you just take your motorbike and drive 10 minutes away from the main road, you find yourself in the middle of the rice fields, and it’s so fun to drive around there.

Ubud isn’t that active in the night but therefore fully engaged in the day. The main activities here include to visit the monkey forest, the rice fields, and the Luwak coffee plantations or take a walk through the beautiful rice fields. Other than that you can find a whole lot of temples and participate in the traditional bathing rituals. Especially in the center of Ubud, you can also find a lot of good restaurants and some good bars to have a drink in the evening.


The last week in Bali I spent in Canggu – the new hotspot for all the bloggers, digital nomads, and place to be for surfers. Canggu is a mix between Kuta and Ubud – The nature is beautiful, but you also can find a lot of Party here. I visited the biggest beach club in there called Finns Beach club from where you can see the most spectacular sunsets with nice deep house beats. In here, as nearly everywhere in Bali, you can find very nice, but mostly western food and TripAdvisor is mostly the best option.


Canggu is also a paradise for surfers as you don’t have dangerous corals and only sandy beaches with high waves. Several surf schools are located here, and even beginners can take the first lesson here.

It fully depends on what you are looking for, if you are interested in Party then Kuta is the place to be, for surfing I would recommend canggu and for the nature Ubud is the best. For me Ubud is the best part of Bali, there is no beach, but it is quiet and peaceful there, a good place to relax and walk through the beautiful nature.   

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