Whale Shark watching – Only with the Sharky Hostel in Oslob

The Whale Shark watching is definitely one of the must do things in Cebu. However, this is such a favorite activity that there are hundreds of people doing it every morning and that’s why you can only enjoy the trip when you do it with the Sharky Hostel in Oslob.

Things to do in south cebu

What is Whale Shark watching?

Whale Sharks are huge animals which looks like sharks but aren’t dangerous at all as they swallow the water and food like wales and don’t hunt like sharks. These creatures are enormous, and they don’t care about all the tourist in the water. They only want their daily food. With a small boat, you go out only about 100 meters from the beach where you can snorkel with the sharks. Locals feed them, and you can enjoy seeing them eating their food and come close to them (But DON’T TOUCH THEM!). It’s also not animal cruelty at all – only the instinct for food hunting gets disrupted. Not ideal but still a lot better than keeping them in a Zoo. They return every morning by choice and live in the open ocean for the rest of the day.

Things to do in south cebu

Why only with Sharky Hostel?

As I said, there are hundreds of people who want to do this activity. In the evening the city looks like a dead city but in the morning at five it’s just crazy, hundreds of cars, buses, taxis, and motorbikes all bringing tourists from all over the island to see the sharks. There is only a limited amount of people who can go to the sea at once, so the others have to wait. And Sharky’s Hostel is the first boat in the morning which leaves, and you are the first ones in the water. You have to be ready at 5 am, and everything is over at 6 am so you can move to the next destination.

Things to do in south cebu

What happens if you book it elsewhere

If you booked another tour, you might get up as early and still wait for a long time to get into the water. Staring from another city is an even worse idea. You must get up even earlier and probably end up being one of the last on the waiting list. While we had breakfast, after the watching, we met a couple which had the boat number 189, and at that time the boat number 80 was in the water. I even heard a rumor that a lot of people will miss the wales as they are full and disappear again into the open sea.

Things to do in south cebu

The Hostel Sharkys offers basic accommodation for a low price and is located on the beach where everything takes place in the morning. The staff is very helpful, and the best thing is that you are the first one in the water. And if you need a transfer to another Island like Bohol, they will arrange everything for you as we.

Book the Sharkys Hostel here and get the best experience.

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