The perfect week in Beijing

What a wonderful city! There is so much to see and discover in this city I certainly could stay for another week or more. My hostel is called Leo Hostel, and it felt like my new home, in the end, the food is unbelievably good and its cheap after all.

Got curious about the city? Or do you ask yourself what is so amazing in a town everybody knows for its bad pollution? Well, here is a recap of my week in Beijing.

Great Wall of China

Day 1: Temple of Heaven Park

On my first day, I met a local friend near my Hostel, and she showed me the Temple of Heaven Park. We walked to this park which is located in the middle of the city. To get in you have to pay a 43-yuan entrance fee. The park was meant for the emperor to pray; every day he would go from the forbidden city to this park to pray to the goods. Therefore, they build two beautiful temples in the middle. Around these temples, you can find beautiful gardens with roses and other flowers. It was so lovely to come down from the stress in the city. The park was so quiet even with all the tourists. It took us 4 hours to walk through the park and to see everything.

Day 2: 978 Art Festival

This Art festival is unfortunately only there for a short period, every year at the beginning of October. Its located one hours with the metro from the city center in a business district. What I noticed that day was the perfection of photo taking from the Chinese tourists. They are crazy about getting the perfect shot and the perfect selfie. It was worth visiting this place only for watching this phenome, but also the Art was impressive.

Day 3: Rooftop bar with a view on the CCTV Headquarters building 

The CCTV Headquarters building is one of the most impressive buildings I’ve seen so far – the architecture is just amazing. It is in the Chaoyang district surrounded by other skyscrapers, but it is by far the most eye-catching building. CCTV is the government-controlled Tv channel, and you can find their program in every subway or on every public screen. On the other side of the building is a shopping center with some rooftop-bars where I went to have my coffee. Surprisingly the prices were not even higher than in Starbucks, and the view was just breathtaking. 

CCTV TowerCCTV Headquarters

Day 4: The forbidden city

It isn’t called a city for no reason. I walked 23 km on that day only to visit the forbidden city and the surrounding parks. The fact that this area was only prohibited for the emperor, high military officials and other royal members, and not for any other people gave it the name of the forbidden city. In front of the forbidden city is the Tiananmen square and parks surround the city. In the forbidden city itself, you can find a few big temples with gardens and a wall which is surrounding the whole city. The Jingshan Park with an entrance fee of only 3 yuan (0,40 Euro) was my next station. Climbing up a little hill I had a view over the whole forbidden city and nearly over all of Beijing. After my lunch, I visited the last park with the Qiongdao Island in it. On top of the Island, I could find a small temple with a beautiful view over the lake.


Day 5: The Great Wall of China

On my last day in Beijing, I visited the great wall of China. I booked a tour of the Hostel which was maybe a little bit more expensive than other trips; therefore we were with people from the hostel who spoke English, and we had the wall for our self. We had a 2 hours bus drive to a restored part of the wall. The great wall of China is 21.179 km in total length and was build in over 280 years with more than 3 million deaths. The emperor ordered the construction of the wall to protect the country from its enemy, the Mongolians. People were given two choices, either they help building the wall and maybe die during that, or they faced the certain death by getting killed from the enemy. Today it’s just an impressive and incredible building and my favorite visit this week.



It was the first week of my WorldTravel, and it couldn’t have been better. I met so many nice people and had a good time. Beijing is such a fantastic city, and you should visit it too!

See you in Xi’an.

•    Total countries I visited until now: 25


  • Planes: 2
  • Busses: 0
  • Trains: 0
  • Km running: 127 km
  • Drinks: 7

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