The new hotspot in Indonesia? – Kuta, Lombok

For me, there is no doubt that Kuta in Lombok will get the new Bali. If you look at Lombok now, that’s probably how Bali looked 20 years ago, before all the masses of tourists came and transformed the island entirely. No doubt, Bali is still charming and amazing to visit, but Lombok has the same, just without the millions of tourists.

Kuta Lombok

The Island

Lombok is the next Island when you go east of Bali, and there are several ways to reach the Island. In my last entry, I described my way to visit Lombok with the motorbike from Bali. Besides, there are frequent speed ferries between the Islands, and Lombok also has an International Airport. The Island has on one side a lot of mountains and the second biggest Volcano in Indonesia and for the rest rice fields and some small villages. I just went to the hotspots, but I’m sure the Island has some great untouched places to visit and to discover.

Kuta, Lombok

Yes, there is also a place called Kuta in Bali, but I’m talking from the one in Lombok. It’s in the south of the Island, and it’s a very fast developing tourist spot. At the moment it’s still quiet and not so many tourists can be found, mostly backpackers who come to the Island to surf. But the place is developing very fast. In the village, one restaurant opens after the other one and prices are also the same as in Bali. Therefore, I had one of the best dishes in 4 months of traveling. I ate the Tuna Tataki in the restaurant called El Bazar – it was so good that I had to return the second evening and eat the same again.  On the first morning I went running alongside the beach, and there I saw how massive the process is. One big Hotel is getting built next to the other. Most of them are just at the beginning of construction. The Hostel in which I was just opened, and I saw a few other brand-new places.

Kuta Lombok

The island has everything it needs to be the next Bali. It’s beautiful; the beaches are lovely, good weather, hiking possibilities and a lot of space. Also, the government just built new roads, and they bring you super-fast and smooth to the cost from either the ferry terminal or the airport. The infrastructure is created, and the Hotels and restaurants start popping out of the ground one by one.

Kuta Lombok

It is still quiet in Lombok, and I strongly advise you to visit the Island as soon as possible before it is too late and it’s filled with mass tourism. It is still a sort of secret spot, but that will change fast.

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