The Great Ocean Road – A 3-day trip along the coast of Australia

The Great Ocean Road – A 3-day trip along the coast

The Great Ocean Road is a 300 km long road mostly on the edge of the ocean. The views are stunning, the beaches are beautiful, and nature is great. My brother visited me, and we did the great ocean road starting from Melbourne and stopped the third evening in Portland. Here is what you can expect from this road and what you should consider before you leave.

How to get the necessary things to go camping

We started our journey in Melbourne, and the first morning we spent stocking up our supplies for the next days – Water, drinking water, food, and fuel – everything you need for the camping life. Of course, you can also sleep in Hotels, Hostels or on paid campgrounds but as our budget is tight and we want to save money, we decide to sleep on free camping grounds and therefore some planning has to be done. However, in Australia, it is super easy to find all the necessary things you need. On a lot of public places, you can find drinking water, non-drinkable water can be found on nearly every camping or around public toilets which are also everywhere. Along the way, you’ll always pass some small towns where you find supermarkets and fuel stations.

Great Ocean Road

However, these shops (in the little towns) are more expensive and have less choice than the big supermarkets in Melbourne or other bigger cities. I would recommend buying the things you’re sure you need, and which don’t get bad in the car, in the big supermarkets in the city. Our car has only a 35-liter tank with a consumption of 9 liters per 100 km. Therefore we have an extra container of 20-liter fuel with us. This has two reasons, in case we didn’t pay attention and run out of fuel and to save money sometimes – in some places, the fuel is significantly cheaper, so we fill up everything there and save us some extra cash.

Great Ocean Road

The journey

As I said the first day we spent stocking up everything and from there we drove about 2 hours to the first free campground we found. On the second day, we drove to Lorne – a small touristic town on the beach where we visited the beach and had a swim. The roads to get there are all along the coast and you get stunning views with stops every few kilometers to take pictures. Unfortunately, there is no free campsite in the middle of the high ocean road. The only two are on the beginning and the end. So, we had to take a campground and paid 20 AUD for our car and two people.

Great Ocean Road

By the way, the App Wikicamps is a must for every camper in Australia – on there you can find free campsites, regular campsites, day use sites and you can find out where you can find a shower or a toilet. The App cost about 7 AUD, but it’s worth it.

Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road

The last day was the most stunning one. In the morning I practiced a little bit my surfing skills on one of the many beaches along the way. The water is freezing, but the waves are perfect. After that, we drove from one viewpoint to the other and started with the Gibson steps, the 12 Apostles, and after Lunch, we continued with the Loch Ard Gorge and the London bridge. It’s always just a small walk from the parking to the, so everything is manageable in one day. From there we drove another 2 hours and arrived at the next free campsite in Portland.

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