The best way to get to Lombok (and Gilis) from Bali

There is no doubt – it’s with the motorbike. In the last six days, I was exploring the Island of Lombok (The Island next to Bali) and the Gili Islands. And all of that I did with a motorbike. It was not only the cheapest option but definitely also the most flexible option. The negative side is that it is slow, especially to travel from Bali to the Gilis and back takes a lot more time on this way. Therefore it’s also just a fraction of the cost.

Bali to Lombok

The journey

Bali to Lombok

First of all, I went from Kuta in Bali to Kuta in Lombok. The trip was over 8 hours, but it was still fun and a lot better than any bus or train. I left in the morning from Kuta in Bali and drove for approximately 2 hours to the ferry station called Padang Bai Port. From there I took the ferry with my motorbike for 129.000 INR to the port in Lombok. The ship waits until the boat is full and then needs about 4 hours. However, the ride is very comfortable in an airconditioned cabin with good seats and not overfilled. I even could witness dolphins jumping next to the boat – that was my first time to see a dolphin. Arriving in Lombok, I needed another hour by motorbike to reach Kuta, Lombok. The ride was terrific through rice fields and along mountains. At the end some smooth curves and all of that on excellent streets. I spend only one full day in Kuta, but as you have the motorbike, you can decide very spontaneously when you leave. Find out more about Kuta, Lombok in my next post.

Bali to Lombok
Bali to Lombok

Kuta to the Gili Islands

As I said after one day I decided to leave the other morning to the Gili Islands. I took my motorbike and drove about 2 hours across the Island to arrive at the port to catch a ferry to Gili T. On the Gili Islands no motorcycles, cars, or other motorized vehicles are allowed. Only horses, bicycles and walking – This is one of the things why I love this Island so much. So there is no way to take the motorbike. You can park the motorcycle outside the ticket office. As far as I saw (unfortunately too late) is it free there? I parked my motorbike at another parking a little bit before the port and paid 10.000 INR per day. There is the option of a speed ferry and local ferry. I took the public boat for 15.000 INR which brought me in 30 mins to Gili T – the speed ferry takes 15 min, but it costs 100.000 INR. To go back, I made the same journey as I came – from the island with a boat to my motorbike, then to the other ferry, to Bali and from there to my accommodation. I also did all of that with my big backpack which was no problem at all!

Bali to Lombok
On the road to the port some monkeys where playing around

The costs

I rented the motorbike for 45.000 INR per day (You have to bargain, and if you rent it for a longer time you can get it cheaper). In six days I spent 270.000 INR – the ferry costs 130.000 INR one way, that adds 260.000 INR. Gas is cheap in Indonesia, and so I needed 2,5 tanks which resulted in costs of about 70.000 INR and for the parking, I paid 30.000 INR. The ferry to Gili T and back was 30.000 which adds up to a total of 630.000 INR (39 Euro). Only the speed ferry from Bali to Gili T and back cost about 60 USD. That’s already more, and then you don’t have a taxi to the ferry station, haven’t visited Kuta, and you’re not as flexible. 

Bali to Lombok
Unfortunately it started to rain on the way back and I had to find shelter

Additional tips:

To prevent your eyes from the dust you should ask for a helmet with a windbreak – my eyes were hurting every time because of the dust and smoke, and especially when it’s raining it’s very uncomfortable. As I said, the parking just in front of the ferry station is for free so that you can save an additional 30.000 INR. If you are two persons and don’t have that much to carry on, you can take one motorbike, and everything will be divided into two. The price for the ferry is calculated for the motorcycle, it doesn’t matter if there are one or 2 people on it.

  • Total countries I visited until now: 33


  • Planes: 7
  • Busses: 35
  • Trains: 18
  • Boats: 18
  • Km running: 1340

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