Thailand – The country food is enough reason to come back

There are so many reasons to go back to Thailand, but the food here would be reason enough to go back. There is such a wide variety of things you can try, especially in the North on the night markets I can’t decide what I want to eat. There is so much good food, too much to try everything. My absolute favorite meal is Pad Thai, but also Rotee and green curry count as my favorite meals. But as in most Asian countries, there are a few bad meals. Prices for food in Thailand are also super affordable, I mostly ate street food, and I never spend more than 6 euros even though I ate more then most people can fit in their belly at once. Restaurants are for sure also good, but you get the same, even better meal for half of the price at a street food vendor. The difference is just that you don’t sit on fancy chairs with a waiter, but you take your food and sit on plastic chairs on the side of the street. However, that gives you the common feeling and is totally fine. Don’t be afraid to try something especially around touristic areas, even though it’s street food it is hygienic, and you won’t get sick.

In the following is a collection of the different things I ate. Most of them I loved, and there is so much more I wanted to try!

Food in Thailand
This is my favorite Pad Thai with a Mango and Passionfruit smoothie. I ate it so many times in Bangkok. The price was only 80 Bath.
Food in Thailand
Fried rice with Pineapple
Food in Thailand
Food in Thailand
Food in Thailand
Yellow noodles with chicken
Food in Thailand
Food in Thailand
Fried Bananas
Food in Thailand
Noodle soup
Food in Thailand
Chicken, nothing special, except that it was on the floating market and I could buy it from a boat passing us.
Food in Thailand
Mango with sticky rice
scorpion in Bangkok
A scorpion and insects. To know how it was, you can watch this.
Food in Thailand
Ostrich eggs
Food in Thailand
Chicken with some vegetables
Food in Thailand
Here you could choose your favorite things and they put them on the barbecue for you.
Food in Thailand
Waffle with fresh strawberry and mango
Food in Thailand
Spicy sausage from Chiang Mai

I hope you’re not to hungry now 😉

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