Bagan – The next Siem Reap?

Bagan in Myanmar and Siem Reap in Cambodia have, surprisingly, a lot in common. I mean there are all the half-gone temples, the prices which are way too high, the scams and the lack of any activity except the temples. Well, maybe you can tell by now, but this is not going to be one of these “Bagan is so amazing” posts,” simply because it is not! There are so many places a lot better to visit in Myanmar. If you are completely blown away by temples and religion, you might like Bagan. If you aren’t a fan of religion, saw 5 million temples before and want some action while traveling, like me, you might not enjoy Bagan (Or Siem Reap) at all.

Thailand vs. Malaysia

30 Things to do in Bangkok – The ultimate travel guide for Bangkok

Bangkok – the mega metropole in the middle of Southeast Asia, home for 15 million people and home for some of the best food in the world. In between Street food, rooftop Bars and markets, majestic temples decorate the city. One skyscraper tops the other, and you can find as cheap or as expensive places as you want. This city has absolutely everything, and there is nothing you can’t find.