Bagan – The next Siem Reap?

Bagan in Myanmar and Siem Reap in Cambodia have, surprisingly, a lot in common. I mean there are all the half-gone temples, the prices which are way too high, the scams and the lack of any activity except the temples. Well, maybe you can tell by now, but this is not going to be one of these “Bagan is so amazing” posts,” simply because it is not! There are so many places a lot better to visit in Myanmar. If you are completely blown away by temples and religion, you might like Bagan. If you aren’t a fan of religion, saw 5 million temples before and want some action while traveling, like me, you might not enjoy Bagan (Or Siem Reap) at all.

Koh Rong

How much I spent in one day in Cambodia – Video

Cambodia is expensive – yes it may be located in southeast Asia, but it is the most expensive country I visited until now. Why? What I heard is that the Chinese invest so much in this country located next to Vietnam and Thailand, so the prices rise steadily. Another reason might be that everything is paid in USD and often a coke or a beer cost 1 USD while it may cost 60 cents in Vietnam. These costs add up quickly. This day was indeed still a cheat day; there were some days I spent over 70 euros. Just an example is Angkor Wat – the entrance price is 37 USD, and you need either a tuk-tuk or a bicycle for which you also have to pay – it was the most expensive attraction in 3 months traveling.