Things to do in Bangkok neon market

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #28 Neon night market

The neon market has two dozen of restaurant where you can eat and sit, else than the other markets where you only have little shops who sell the food and you eat it while walking. All of the restaurants serve kind of the same food with little difference, so it’s more about where you feel comfortable and want to sit. The food choice is vast with fresh grilled fish, traditional Thai dishes, and all kinds of seafood. Prices are a little higher than on other markets, but therefor you can sit down.

Bangkok vs. Kuala Lumpur

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #24 Visit the Chang Chui Plane night market

This night market also called Creative park or plane night market is the coolest night market I’ve seen until now. In the middle of the Market is a full-size airplane in which you can have a dinner or drink a few cocktails (There was a private event, so I, unfortunately, don’t have any pictures from inside). All over the Market, you can find some creative statues, and the stores are all decorated stylish and different. In between food you’ll find little shops with clothes or souvenirs and live music.

Things to do in Bangkok Ratchada Train market

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #23 Ratchada Train Market

The Ratchada Train market is a night market full of Street food, and bars. The Market got the name because it is on an old train ground where trains used to be repaired and parked else than that the Market has nothing to do with trains. The specialty about this Market is the colorful design and the number of things you can find.

Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #20 Patpong Night Bazar

Patpong Street is another Street, mostly for the amusement of male customers. Earlier on I was telling you about the Nana Plaza and all the Go-go bars in there. Patpong Street is in one way the same. The difference is that there is a market in the middle of that Street, which sells usual stuff like clothes, watches, and handbags – fake, of course.

Silom night market Bangkok

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #19 Silom night Market

Silom night market is more a combination of Street food, clothing market, and bars. The market is located near the Sala Daeng BTS Station. As soon as the sun goes down, the street is full of Clothing shops, street food and in between, you can find some bars. As many big businesses and banks are located around that area, it’s popular among local people.