Which country has Asia’s best food? – Top 3

Food and trying different cuisines is one of the best things while traveling. Discovering new things and just randomly order something without really knowing what it is are my favorite things to do. These randomly chosen dishes are mostly the best, and you’ll probably find your new favorite recipe like that. And one thing I can tell you already, the food you know from home is totally different than the food in the country itself. So, if you don’t like the Chinese restaurant around the corner, wait until you are in China – it is a different world.

Motorbike tour around leh

Leh Motorbike tour – Day 2 – Pangong Lake

After a comfortable night in a Hotel in the Nubra Valley, we were supposed to leave early to reach Pangong Lake at a reasonable time to enjoy the beauty of it. But because I was on tour with 60 Indian people that plan of leaving early wouldn’t work. I finally went with the first guys at 9.30 instead of 8 AM, and we took the lead of the group. The road was simple, and there were only a few turns with clearly marked signs of the Pangong Lake.

Leh Motorbike tour – day 1 – Nubra Valley

After the legendary trip from Manali to Leh in 3 days, I continued the tour around Leh with another company. In my previous group were some problems with the guides and so I changed. After two rest and acclimatizing days in the beautiful Leh, we started for another three days on the motorbike. Starting from Leh, we arrived and slept in the Nubra Valley the first night and at the Pangong Lake the second night before driving back to Leh on the 3rd day.

Manali to Leh with the motorbike

Manali to Leh Motorbike Tour – Day 2

After a surprisingly comfortable night, I woke up with my alarm at 7 am and went to ask for some hot water to wash myself a little bit. When I stepped out, I was disappointed to see that many clouds in the sky but at least it wasn’t raining. After breakfast, we prepared our bags and jumped on our motorbikes. 140 km were in front of us.

Manali to Leh Motorbike

Manali to Leh Motorbike trip – Day 1 Video

The motorbike tour from Manali to Leh was absolutely amazing, and the landscapes are so crazy it’s impossible to describe them in words; therefore, I decided to film the best parts and cut them into a video. I put together a video for every day. The landscapes were changing so many times and from green valleys on day one to dry, and empty landscapes, in the end, is everything there. Just see for yourself. This was the first day.

Manali to Leh Motorbike tour – Day 1 – Rothang Pass

While I was in India, I couldn’t resist visiting the majestic mountains in the north of the country, and I couldn’t have a better time. Manali is such a charming small village in the middle of the mountains. But what I did then just toped all my expectations and change my image of Indian landscapes forever.