How to visit Bromo without a tour

Why you should never book Hostels on

While traveling the accommodation in which you stay might be one of the most important things. It can change your travel experience from the best to the worse ever. Especially as a solo traveler Hostels will be a big part of your travel experience and it will change a lot. This is the reason why you should think twice before booking hostels and pay attention what you are booking. While I could write a whole book about the booking of hostels and which things you have to consider I found out one thing that might not be that obvious to everybody. And that’s what I wanted to write about here to inform you about that and make you think twice.

Vang Vieng

The difference in Hostels in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos)

I traveled to all these four countries one after the other in around three countries, and it’s exciting to compare these countries to each other. You may think that these countries are similar to each other, but that’s not the case. There are vast differences, and one of these differences is the quality of Hostels. I think that’s a critical point when you are traveling for a long time and especially when traveling solo.