First impressions of South America (Mexico)

After a quick stop in Luxembourg, I’m back on the road. This time it’s the other side of the continent, Mexico and later the rest of South America. As you can imagine, it’s again a different world compared with Europe and Asia. But after being such a long time in Asia and spending the rest of my life in Europe, it’s super interesting to compare the three continents to each other and give you some inside about my first thoughts about south America.

Which country has Asia’s best food? – Top 3

Food and trying different cuisines is one of the best things while traveling. Discovering new things and just randomly order something without really knowing what it is are my favorite things to do. These randomly chosen dishes are mostly the best, and you’ll probably find your new favorite recipe like that. And one thing I can tell you already, the food you know from home is totally different than the food in the country itself. So, if you don’t like the Chinese restaurant around the corner, wait until you are in China – it is a different world.

Food Bangkok

Food in Bangkok – Food lovers heaven

I stayed for 30 days in Bangkok, and I ended up in a Food coma every single day. I couldn’t withstand the food, and there is so much to try so many options, and for such cheap prices, you must overeat. It isn’t only the Thai food, which is fantastic, there is a massive presence of international cuisine, but especially from Asia, which is unbeatable.

Things to do in Bangkok neon market

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #28 Neon night market

The neon market has two dozen of restaurant where you can eat and sit, else than the other markets where you only have little shops who sell the food and you eat it while walking. All of the restaurants serve kind of the same food with little difference, so it’s more about where you feel comfortable and want to sit. The food choice is vast with fresh grilled fish, traditional Thai dishes, and all kinds of seafood. Prices are a little higher than on other markets, but therefor you can sit down.

Things to do in Bangkok Chinatown

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #5 Try the Street food in China Town

China town is another of these food wonders in Bangkok. If you followed me for a while, then you know that I place the food in China on the same level then the food in Thailand. Both are amazing, and China town combines both and turns it into a food lovers paradise with incredibly low prices. From roasted duck to super sweet little pineapples, everyone can find something here.

Trekking Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai – The true adventure capital of Asia

Basically, Thailand can be divided into three parts when it comes to activities and things to do for tourists. On the one hand, there is Bangkok which is a mega city and offers anything a big city could offer. The south is to relax with a lot of beautiful islands and beaches. And then there is the north, my favorite part, full of action and nature, cheaper and activities as far as you can see.

Food in Thailand

Thailand – The country food is enough reason to come back

There are so many reasons to go back to Thailand, but the food here would be reason enough to go back. There is such a wide variety of things you can try, especially in the North on the night markets I can’t decide what I want to eat. There is so much good food, too much to try everything. My absolute favorite meal is Pad Thai, but also Rotee and green curry count as my favorite meals.