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The budget question answered after 6 months of travel experience

While I was answering the question of how much I spend per day in each country – I’ll tell you in this post on what I spend the money to travel around the world, especially in Asia. Sometimes it is exciting on how these expenses vary from country to country. And like this, it’s possible to find out what you spent most of the money and find ways to reduce these costs.

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Australia – Why I want to go back to Asia

This might be one of the unpopular opinions, but I think it’s time that I say it out loud: Australia is so much overrated.
Before you start writing your hate comments just read on, listen to my arguments, and if you haven’t been to Asia before, go there. You’ll see that every one of the following arguments come true for yourself.

Sydney on a Budget

Melbourne vs. Sydney

Melbourne vs. Sydney which city is better to visit? The two biggest cities in Australia have so many simultaneities but also as many differences it’s hard to say which one is better. However, as a tourist, I have one favorite city – Sydney. If I had to choose a place to live and work, I would have a hard time to decide but for visiting Sydney is by far my favorite.

Sydney on a Budget

6 Things to do in Sydney on a tight budget

Sydney is a city full of activities and things to do. I spent a total of 5 nights there, and I found it to be the right amount of time. Sydney is a great city, and a lot of different activities can be done there but most of them are expensive and not really for a Backpackers budget. In my List of things to do in Sydney, most are for free. Only the walking tours operate on a tipping system, however that’s not much. So here are my 6 things to do in Sydney on a tight budget.

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Australia’s public services – the advantages for Backpackers

We all know that Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world and one thing they are even ahead of 99 % of European countries are public services. Public toilets, public showers, and drinking water all for free. I’m so surprised what some small things have for an effect and what you can find here everywhere. As a result, I feel even safer, and as a Backpacker, it helps a lot. In some cases, it protects the environment, and in other instances, it protects your health, and it helps to save some money.