Scorpions and other insects – the taste test in Bangkok

To be honest, I think that insects, scorpions, and worms are the nutrition of the future. Without going too much into detail – To produce one Kilogram of insects a lot less water food and CO2 emissions are produced. Thinking about the fact that meat production is one of the biggest reasons for climate change I would welcome this idea. Besides, insects need a lot less space and have more proteins than meat.

Bangkok is one of these places where you can try and come into contact which this kind of food and that’s what we did. We tried it, and it wasn’t that bad at all. For an overpriced price of 180 Bath for a plate, we could try a variety of insects, a scorpion, and a frog. In my new Video, we describe the taste and discuss what’s the best and what is not so good.

Thank you for watching.

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Hey everybody, I took the decision of my life and will start my worldtravel on the 1. October 2018. Hope you'll follow my journey and enjoy all the posts.

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