Rock climbing on the Railay Beach

Railay Beach is near the city of Krabi and only reachable by boat. The beach is surrounded by rock formations what makes it so beautiful and on these rocks over 400 climbing routes where created. From beginner to professional climbers, for everybody is something there to do.

Rock climbing Railay Beach

Price and schedule

I took a full day tour for 1600 Bath (43 Euros) with lunch included. The half-day doesn’t include lunch and costs 1000 Bath. Pickup time was 8 am at the Hostel, and with a minibus, we drove to the boat station from where we took a boat to the Railay beach. We walked to the climbing school and got out gear and walked to the first climbing spot. After 3 Hours of climbing, I went to a restaurant where I got lunch and chilled on the beach. In the afternoon we went climbing another 3 hours and went back to the Hostel. The people who booked a half day tour only did one climbing and went back home then.

Rock climbing Railay Beach


I’m not an experienced climber, I went climbing in Switzerland, but that’s over ten years ago. The first climb is easy, and the instructors look how good you are. From there you can do more difficult or easier climbs. In the morning I did five climbs and stopped it then because the instructor said it’s more difficult in the afternoon I should save my energy. And it was more difficult in the afternoon. We went to a place directly on the beach and had about 20 routes to choose from. From easy to very difficult. After another six climbs, I was so tired that I had to stop because my arms just hadn’t any power anymore. I went back to the beach and chilled there with a smoothie.

Rock climbing Railay Beach

It was a nice day again full of action and beautiful views. If you’re not sporty I would recommend doing only the half day tour; the full day tour is pretty tiring. 

Rock climbing Railay Beach
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