Ha Giang -Skywalk – Most dangerous road in Vietnam – Video

The 4-day motorbike trip through the north of Vietnam was such an amazing experience. We had a semi-automatic bike and drove 400 km in 4 days to make a loop and arrive again in Ha Giang. On the third day, we did the most dangerous road in Vietnam. A path only 70 cm wide and on the side, it went down for 400 meters. So basically one wrong move would cost you your life. My body was full of adrenaline, but I’m happy that I did it because it was such an amazing adventure and everything went well.

Ha Giang extreme Loop – Motorbike tour

Is it dangerous? Yes! Is there any comfort? No, not really. Would I do it again? Oh hell, yes!!
The best trip I had so far in my life was definitely the Ha Giang extreme Loop in north Vietnam. It was 4 days full of fun, adventure, nature, food and adrenaline. Friendships were formed, and limits got tested. I didn’t know..

Halong bay

Halong Bay – Boat Tour – The Video

The Island Cat Ba, where I stayed for a few days is the perfect place to start a boat tour to Halong Bay. I went with the company “Cat Ba Ventures” which was the right choice. After swimming, we had lunch on the boat, went kayaking and swimming again. To finish the day we watched the sunset from the boat while driving back to Cat Ba. Here is the Video from the day tour.

Hongkong Skyline

Hongkong – The city that needs more space

Everything in Hongkong is limited regarding space, and every centimeter is used as good as it is possible. Restaurant tables get shared, shops open on the street, and the buildings get higher and higher to fit as many people in a small place as possible. That’s my first and lasting impression of Hongkong. But why is it like that and how affects it the life of people?

Skyline Shanghai

Why I’m happy to leave China

Don’t get me wrong here, I had an amazing time in China, and I made so many good memories. It was a good month, and I won’t forget it. On the other hand, I’m glad to leave China and see some other countries. Also, China and its people have some things I’m nerved of after spending nearly one month in here. That’s..