What I think from Phuket

I heard so much about Phuket, good things and also a lot of bad things. I finally decided to visit it by myself and to form my own opinion. Now after three days of spending there I still don’t know what I should think about it – there are some good but also some not so right sides about it. In this blog, I want to tell what I experienced, so you are prepared and know what you are getting into if you are planning on visit Phuket.

Angkor Wat

How to NOT visit Angkor Wat – What you can do better than I

As a tourist you make mistakes, somethings are not predictable and some things you don’t know. But sometimes it’s good to read an article like this before you visit something. I should have done the same, so I wouldn’t feel the need to write this article. Should you read this, you might plan to visit Angkor Wat aswell, and I certainly don’t want to bring you of this Idea. There are just afew things you need to know before visiting.


Is it worth visiting Cambodia?

No, not really. I want to be honest with you, and when I didn’t like something, I’ll tell you my honest opinion. Anyways, it’s not possible to love every country and Cambodia was one of these countries for me. Maybe you’ll have other experiences, but before going, it’s perhaps worth reading and see for yourself after.

Koh Rong

How much I spent in one day in Cambodia – Video

Cambodia is expensive – yes it may be located in southeast Asia, but it is the most expensive country I visited until now. Why? What I heard is that the Chinese invest so much in this country located next to Vietnam and Thailand, so the prices rise steadily. Another reason might be that everything is paid in USD and often a coke or a beer cost 1 USD while it may cost 60 cents in Vietnam. These costs add up quickly. This day was indeed still a cheat day; there were some days I spent over 70 euros. Just an example is Angkor Wat – the entrance price is 37 USD, and you need either a tuk-tuk or a bicycle for which you also have to pay – it was the most expensive attraction in 3 months traveling.