Northern Thailand 2-day Trekking – Fully into nature

While I was in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, I did a two-day trekking tour to the Karen villages. Karen people are people who live in Thailand but don’t see themselves as Thai people. They have their language and live deep in the jungle. They still have the very remote and old houses, and most of them have no electricity. They cook mostly on fire and have their meat production – chicken or pork running in their front yard. Very interesting to see how these people live and nature was beautiful.

Chiang Mai Trekking

Day one:

The tour started at 8 am in the morning. We got picked up by a minibus and drove about 2 hours to a market. At the market, we could buy some coffee or other things – these tours always stop at a local market, probably too sell overpriced stuff to the tourists. But the coffee was good, and so we drove another 30 minutes until they kicked us out somewhere in the nowhere. From here we could start trekking and visited the first village. This village was a more modern one; they had some old televisions and some cars parked outside. From there we hiked to a beautiful and big waterfall and had lunch there. The hike was only about 30 minutes, and we had the chance to shower in the waterfall – I didn’t do it because the water was cold. Our lunch was rice with vegetables and fresh oranges.

Trekking Chiang Mai
Trekking Chiang Mai

From there on we hiked up to the Karen village. The hike was about 5 hours in total – on the way we passed two other Karen villages and made a more significant stop at one of them. Here I could buy a coca cola which was bitterly needed after all this hiking. The hike itself was not to bad, and it was easy to keep up, but the lunch was a little to less, so I needed some extra sugar to do the rest.

Where we slept

At around 5.30 pm we arrived at our village where we slept. It was just a little hut with some mates on the floor, one next to each other, to sleep. It was open, some bamboos on the sides and a roof to protect against the rain – that’s it. No lights, no electricity, however, I still got phone signal and internet connection, funny. As I wanted to take a break from the internet and social media, I turned on the flight mode and just used the phone as a light in the night.

Trekking Chiang Mai

We got our beds and had some time to relax. At around 7 pm the food was ready, and so we got together on a big table and learned more about the other people who joined our group at the sleeping place. For dinner, we got chicken curry and vegetables served with rice. Cooked on fire by the people from the village it tasted so good. After that, they started a campfire, and people could sit around. I was so tired that I decided to have an early night and went to bed.

Trekking Chiang Mai

The night

The night was freezing cold. Even though I had 2 T-shirts and a pullover I was freezing because you only get one thin sleeping bag and a thin duvet. To pee, I had to get up, put on my shoes, take my phone light and walk 20 meters to the toilet, so I was awake every time I needed to go to the bathroom. Despite that my night was not even that bad and so my alarm went off at 6.30 to see the sunrise.

Day two:

After breakfast, which was also good with fresh pineapple and some bread and jam, we packed our things and started to hike back again. The hike was also about 4 hours but not so difficult because we were kind of on the top of the hill and so we went down most of the time. On the way, we visited another waterfall and Back at the car we drove to the river and could do Bamboo rafting and got lunch in the end before driving home again.  

Trekking Chiang Mai
Trekking Chiang Mai
Trekking Chiang Mai
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