My average spending in Australia per day

In this Blog, I’m going to discuss the expenses in Australia, what my daily average is and for what I spend the most money. Of course, it will be different for everybody but if you have a similar travel style as I do you can orientate yourself on this Blog to budget your next Australia travels.

hiking in Australia
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For what do I spend the money?

Australia is expensive, very expensive and so my expenses are much higher than in other countries. Especially transport and tours are expensive. I bought my own car, and most of the time someone else paid for the gas as I paid for the car. Because of my car, I also saved a fortune on Hostels as they are highly overpriced and have terrible quality. I mostly slept on free campsites and only paid for campsites 3 times as there was no other possibility. The most significant expenses, therefore, are related with my car, I build a bed inside, had to pay insurance, roadside assistance, and new stuff to cook and sleep on as well as a tent and mattresses. In the end, I sold the car with a small loss but it was bearable. Even though I cooked most of the time or had sandwiches for lunch, food ranks second place. Even if you only prepare a salad, you will spend around 10 dollars. The cheapest thing, therefore, is pasta or rice with tuna – and that’s also the thing I ate most of the time. Also, I didn’t spend any money on alcohol as I don’t drink and so I saved a fortune.

Car in Australia

Tours high expenses with no “wow effect”

Tours are costly too, and often there is no chance to do the things without the tour. The two biggest tours I did was on Fraser Island and a day diving in the Great Barrier reef. To be honest, these tours were extraordinarily overpriced and nothing I would love to do a second time – the Fraser Island tour was probably my own fault (read here more about it) – but the diving in the Great Barrier Reef was not really spectacular, compared with the dive I did in Thailand or Indonesia – and thus 5 times more expensive. 

Fraser Island
Fraser Island tour and why you shouldn’t do a one day tour

My average is 72 euros per day

In total I spent 3995 euros in 56 days – that’s an average of 72 euros a day. This includes everything like the car, food, and tours.

What can I conclude

In conclusion, I can tell you that Australia is very expensive and it’s better to have a decent budget to travel to this country instead of doing it on a budget. As a result, I didn’t enjoy my time in Australia and missed out on a lot of things as I can’t/don’t want to afford it. I can imagine that it’s a different story if you don’t have to care about the money, but if you do, then you can find better options and places then Australia. 

hiking in Australia

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