Moscow – how to make the best out of 10 hours in this city?

Would I do it again – visiting Moscow for only 10 hours with no sleep and another night without a bed to come? Hell yes!


I had only 10 hours in the city center of Moscow, but they were totally worth it. My flight was on time, that meant I was already at 5.45 am in the city center near the red square – to early as I had noticed by then. Everything was closed, bakeries, Starbucks and even the red square itself, was closed – and this with a temperature of about 4 degrees. At 6.30 am they finally opened the red square, and I could enter to take some beautiful pictures without a million tourists.

Saint Basil ChatedralRed square Moscow

Swings to come down in this big city?

While eating my breakfast, which was fancy and delicious – just near the red square – I decided to book a free walking tour and to visit the metro stations before doing that. I walked the main road up until I reached the metro station called Mayakovskaya station. What surprised me and made me in some way happy, were the swings in front of the station. People were relaxing and chilling, so I tried it too and, in my opinion, this is a beautiful idea every city could adapt. Instead of waiting and stressing out about the metro which is delayed, you can swing a little bit and forget about all the stress. Sometimes the little things make the difference.

Mayakovskayamoscow metro

The free walking Tour

At 10.45 am the free walking Tour started, and about 20 people were joining us. I instantly met a guy from the Netherlands and three girls from Germany. On tour, we learned about the history of Moscow and the guide showed us this park, which should represent the landscapes of Russia, just on the other side of the red square.


In addition to that, we learned about the guards who have to stand still for one hour and can’t move anything, no matter what. But luckily, they got a heater in their cabinet for the winter. 

red square moscow

What we learned as well, was the fact, that the Saint Basil’s Cathedral isn’t one church, but every roof represents an own church, build for someone famous. And while today only the smallest of all churches operate as a church, the rest was changed and transformed into a Museum.

Saint Basil Chatedral MoscowSaint Basil Chatedral

Pelmeni – typical Russian food

With that lesson learned, the Tour came to an end, and I asked my new friends if they want to join me for lunch, what they agreed on. Russian people are crazy about canteens, so we decided to try one as well. I took a traditional dish called Pelmeni and a pancake filled with mushrooms. Pelmeni is a sort of pasta filled with, but the meat inside is so delicious.

After our lunch, the girls from Germany wanted to visit the Kremlin, which is a total must but considering my lack of time not possible for me. I just had another coffee because by that time I hadn’t slept for over 30 hours and went back to the airport.


Even though I stayed only a few hours, I managed to see the essential parts of Moscow, and I got a pretty good idea of how the city is like – from a touristic perspective of course.

I mean I couldn’t have wished for more on the first day – see you in Beijing!

  • Total countries I visited: 25
  • Planes: 2
  • Busses: 0
  • Trains: 0
  • Km running/walking: 32
  • Drinks: 0


All photos were taken with my camera DSC-HX60

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