Manali to Leh motorbike tour – Day 3

After a freezing night, I stepped out of the room to find a beautiful valley and a clear blue sky without any clouds at all. It was wonderful. We had breakfast and prepared our bags to be ready for a 250 km ride on that day.

We started our longest day with some nice streets through the valley before we took the first pass. The road was only width enough for one vehicle to pass but there was barely any traffic so we could start riding faster. I got goosebumps that’s how beautiful the road was and how amazing it felt to drive on there. And it should only continue like that. The pass had 21 curves and went up a mountain with a constant view on a valley with a river. We arrived at the top, which was at 4700 meters only to descend a little and go up even higher. The second pass was at 5060 meters.

Manali to Leh with the motorbike

After that pass, we drove down on a dirt road and into the real dessert. The rock formation during the whole day changed regularly, and it was impossible to get bored as you would see something different every 30 minutes. We had lunch in a little valley in the middle of the sand mountains.

Manali to Leh with the motorbike

After lunch, we went up a little bit of the mountains and what followed next was probably the most scenic road I’ve ever seen. The road was around 30 km long very nice maintained and nearly straight. It is running through a valley, and you can see the mountains on the horizon coming nearer every minute. With a speed of 80 to 100 km/h, the wind blowing in your face, blue sky over your head and the sound of your royal Enfield under your ass – That’s what I call freedom. It was truly something out of a movie.

Manali to Leh with the motorbike

After this scenic road, we drove up to the second-highest pass in the world with an altitude of 5360 meters above sea level. At that height, the snow from the winter was still there, and you felt like the kind of the world. We descended the pass later and drove the last 100 km to Leh.

Manali to Leh with the motorbike

On this 100 km, the landscapes changed literally every 10 km. First, some high mountains surrounding us, later valleys with colorful rock formations and then some kind of dessert with the mountain peaks in the edge of the horizon. The roads were smooth, and the drive was super lovely.

After 10 hours, we finally arrived in Leh and could rest. It was the longest day but definitely the best one. I never saw landscapes like this and my eyes couldn’t get enough. Truly majestic and beautiful. A ride to remember.  

  • Total countries I visited until now: 40


  • Planes: 26
  • Busses: 49
  • Trains: 19
  • Boats: 24
  • Km driving: 8000
  • Km running: 3442


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