Leh Motorbike tour – Day 2 – Pangong Lake

After a comfortable night in a Hotel in the Nubra Valley, we were supposed to leave early to reach Pangong Lake at a reasonable time to enjoy the beauty of it. But because I was on tour with 60 Indian people that plan of leaving early wouldn’t work. I finally went with the first guys at 9.30 instead of 8 AM, and we took the lead of the group. The road was simple, and there were only a few turns with clearly marked signs of the Pangong Lake.

Motorbike tour around leh

The first part of the road was back through the Nubra Valley, which was extremely beautiful with the rising sun coming up over the mountains. Then the drive continued into another valley which was a little higher than the Nubra Valley.

In this Valley, there were a few water crossings but nothing unmanageable, not that crazy than in the other days on tour from Manali to Leh. Furthermore, we saw some Himalayan Mormot and Yaks, two kinds of animals you can only find in that region around the Himalayas. The Valley was again magnificent but also super windy and especially on the way back the other morning it was super cold.

Motorbike tour around leh

After a long ride through that Valley, there came one viewpoint which is called” first view on the Pangong Lake,” and it was the moment we were waiting for a few days now. To be honest, I hadn’t any big expectations about the lake, and I thought that nothing could top the views from my tour to Leh from Manali. But then I got the first glimpse on the lake and this incredible blue color. My eyes opened, and my heart skipped a beat – it was absolutely beautiful.

Motorbike tour around leh

The lake is an incredible 250 km long, and 2/3 are (officially) in China or the Tibet region, and only 1/3 is in India. Our camp was also just about 20 km from the Chinese border away. When we came to the lake, we finally saw the dimensions of the lake, it’s enormous, and the color is so beautiful. The mountains surrounding the lake are also colorful, and this fulfills this fantastic image of this lake.

Motorbike tour around leh

The night was freezing in our tents, but the morning was beautiful with the sun rising over the lake and letting it shine even more. In the morning, we packed up our bags and drove all the way back to Leh. That was it, another fantastic tour with the motorbike which I won’t forget. Videos are following.

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