Leh Motorbike tour – day 1 – Nubra Valley

After the legendary trip from Manali to Leh in 3 days, I continued the tour around Leh with another company. In my previous group were some problems with the guides and so I changed. After two rest and acclimatizing days in the beautiful Leh, we started for another three days on the motorbike. Starting from Leh, we arrived and slept in the Nubra Valley the first night and at the Pangong Lake the second night before driving back to Leh on the 3rd day.

Motorbike tour around leh

On the first day, we started from Leh, which is at around 3500 meters and surrounded by a lot of 5000- 6000-meter-high mountains. We had to surpass them, and so we drove straight to the highest pass in the world. At 17982 FT (5480 meters) you can literally feel the height. Although I was already acclimatized adequately from the first tour and the other days in Leh, I got headaches and felt slightly dizzy after only 3 mins on the top of that pass. So we started the descent pretty fast after again that nobody got any worse symptoms.

Motorbike tour around leh

The road was nearly all day wonderful except the 10 km before the top of the Khardung La and 5 km after, but that was some kind of fun to drive some off-road again. After the pass, we drove nearly all day down, and it was so much fun to drive these roads. The roads were super well maintained and had a lot of small or big curves in it. Not much traffic could be found, and so we could speed up. Damn, that was fun and then all these amazing landscapes – just magnificent.

Motorbike tour around leh

After the long descent, we finally arrived in the Nubra Valley, a beautiful place like no other in the world. The first 10 km is through a kind of desert with just a straight street in the middle. After this we drove some 15 km further to reach the famous sand dunes of the Himalayas, it’s the only place in the world where you can find a desert and sand dunes at a high altitude. It’s so weird and beautiful at the same time.

Motorbike tour around leh
Motorbike tour around leh
Motorbike tour around leh

The main attraction is the double humped camels which you can ride in the desert. Although I wouldn’t recommend doing that, it is the same as with the elephants in Thailand or the rest of the world, these animals get lousy treatment, and they get beaten until they do exactly what the owners want them to do. They didn’t look that well off. Take a picture but let the riding part be. 

After the desert, we drove to the hotel, and that was it for the day.

  • Total countries I visited until now: 40


  • Planes: 26
  • Busses: 49
  • Trains: 19
  • Boats: 24
  • Km driving: 8000
  • Km running: 3442

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