Kampot – A day in the first waterpark of Cambodia – The Video

I had only one day in Kampot and decided to sleep in the Arcadia Hostel, which is located 10 km outside the city center and spent the day in the first waterpark of Cambodia. The Hostel is very basic, but they have an outside gym, a crazy slide, a blob, a Russian swing and a lot more to have fun. As I found Kampot to be a city with not much to see I instead spent the day in the waterpark and had fun there. In the evening it is nice to visit the town and eat in one of the restaurants alongside the river. In my new Video, I show you how much fun I had in the waterpark and why you should have a look at it too.

Thank you for watching.


  • Total countries I visited until now: 30


  • Distance traveled: 18182
  • Planes: 4
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  • Km running: 820

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Author: Flo

Hey everybody, I took the decision of my life and will start my worldtravel on the 1. October 2018. Hope you'll follow my journey and enjoy all the posts.

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