Jaipur – The Indian city which has some charm actually

Let’s be honest, Indian city are mostly not the preferred places to spend your days, chaotic, dirty, loud, and full of annoying tuk-tuk drivers. But Jaipur is actually different, and there is some charm within the city.


Of course, it’s not Sydney or London, there is a lot of chaos, dirt and the tuk-tuk drivers are everywhere anyways. But when you start exploring the city, you can find many lovely places and your time there can be really enjoyable. There are many good and excellent restaurants, many coffee shops with a gentle touch too it and a lot of rooftop bars where you can enjoy your dinner.


But also during the day, the city has some lovely places to visit, and the pink city is definitely worth spending some time. The Hawa Mahal was a beautiful place, and you should visit the inside as well. Other than that, I would recommend visiting the Amber fort. Best way to do it is with a tuk-tuk tour which brings you to some other places as well. The price shouldn’t exceed 700 INR though.


In the evening, I had some great food at the Peacock Rooftop bar.

I can summarize that Jaipur has, of course, the typical characteristics of an Indian city but with some charming places in between where you find the true beauty of India. Amber Fort and the pink city are magical places, and the big choice of excellent restaurants and bars makes the trip to Jaipur worth it.

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