Is it worth visiting Cambodia?

No, not really. I want to be honest with you, and when I didn’t like something, I’ll tell you my honest opinion. Anyways, it’s not possible to love every country and Cambodia was one of these countries for me. Maybe you’ll have other experiences, but before going, it’s perhaps worth reading and see for yourself after. I spent 12 days there and rarely found things I enjoyed. Of course, there are good things; the people are friendly, some lovely Islands and good weather. But let’s be honest, Vietnam and Thailand have these things too and that for an even lower price.


The money aspect

Yeah– the money aspect. It’s expensive in Cambodia – I wasn’t expecting that, but I spent more than double the amount of what I paid in Vietnam or Thailand. Everything is paid in USD, and a regular meal cost 5 dollars, a pizza in the main areas cost about 10-12 USD which is more expensive than in most European cities. If you want to withdraw money from the Bank always charges you 5 USD and Angkor Wat was with 37 USD entrance fee the most expensive entrance fee I paid so far.

Transportation is a pain in the ass

Yes, I know, I’m in southeast Asia and transportation is not on the same level as in other parts of the world. But Cambodia is even far behind the other countries in Asia.  To make 100 km, it takes in average 2 hours; there are no trains and flights are very expensive. The only way to travel from one city to the other is in old busses on bumpy, dirty roads and that for endless journeys. Ohh, and they are always late, and we are not talking about 5 minutes but either 2 hours. 

There is not something to do

The best Cambodia has to offer is Angkor Wat. It’s worth visiting it one day, the Islands are good to relax, and the Museum and killing fields in Phnom Penh is excellent to learn about the history – but that’s it. Phenom Penh and Siem Reap have both one, maybe two lovely streets where I spent most of the time. But these are expensive again, and non-stop people are approaching you to sell something – way worse than in Thailand or Vietnam. If you like to drink, taking drugs and party until the sun rises you may find your paradise in Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap especially considering the drugs. But beautiful things to visit, hikes or activities excluding alcohol are rare in Cambodia. 

Angkor Wat

I know that I sound very negative, maybe I just had the wrong experiences – I got attacked by some tuk-tuk drivers, had bad busses and was bored in some cities – but that’s my impression of the country. I wouldn’t revisit Cambodia, that’s not even because it is so bad but because I like the neighboring countries so much more.    

  • Total countries I visited until now: 31


  • Distance traveled: 19302
  • Planes: 4
  • Busses: 25
  • Trains: 14
  • Boats: 9
  • Km running: 882

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