Huashan Mountains – The best hike in China? – Video

Not far from the City Xi’an the Huashan Mountains invite you for an incredible hike. This hike made its name as one of the most dangerous ones on. The planet and they were not lying. Some parts are without any security, and one wrong step can kill you. However, the view and nature is stunning and therefore I decided to hike all the way up. In my new video, I’ll show you what I saw and why you should visit that place too. More details about my time in Xi’an and what I experienced there is written down in here.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and if you are ready to leave and visit the place to don’t hesitate to ask me for advice!

• Total countries I visited until now: 25

• Planes: 2
• Busses: 6
• Trains: 6
• Km running: 216
• Drinks: 13

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Author: Flo

Hey everybody, I took the decision of my life and will start my worldtravel on the 1. October 2018. Hope you'll follow my journey and enjoy all the posts.

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