How much I spent for one day in Beijing – Video

In my newest Video I will show you how expensive, or should I say cheap, it is to travel to China. I visited the forbidden city, went to 3 parks around the forbidden city, ate well and slept in an 8-bed dorm room. Find out in the video how much I spent to afford all of that.



I will shoot such a video in every country from now on. So, you get a small overview of how much it will cost you to travel to these countries. My travel style is kind of a budget traveler, but at some points, I’ll spend an extra dollar to have some comfort. If you want to have more comfort, for example, to sleep in your own room, it will be a little bit more expensive of course, but there are certainly also ways to get everything even cheaper.

To see what I did other than visiting the Forbidden City you can find my Guide for a perfect week in Beijing here.

Stay tuned for more to come.    

  •  Total countries I visited until now: 25


  • Planes: 2
  •  Busses: 4
  •  Trains: 3
  •  Km running: 185 km
  •  Drinks: 7


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Author: Flo

Hey everybody, I took the decision of my life and will start my worldtravel on the 1. October 2018. Hope you'll follow my journey and enjoy all the posts.

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