Five reasons why you should visit Thailand

Trekking Chiang Mai


I mean in all of Asia the food is fantastic, and every country has its specialties, all of them are amazing, and I love the food here. But Thailand tops all the other countries in South east Asia. Only China has the same amount of variety and good tastes then Thailand. The best food happened to be in the north part of Thailand where the south has not so much choice and more expensive because of the tons of tourists that are around in that area. The street food in Bangkok is on the next level regarding prices and tastes and everywhere around the country you can find walking streets and night markets who make you go crazy because of all the choices. 

Food in Thailand
Fried rice with Pineapple


And yes, this is not only a reason for Thailand but all of southeast Asia. People here are so unbelievably friendly and welcoming. But again, Thailand is on the next level. I met so many nice people, and everyone wants to help you. And I have the feeling that people don’t try to rip you off as much as in other countries. Of course, some of them are nice only to get your money, and some of them still want to rip you off, but it is a lot less than in other countries. I connect that to the fact that Thailand starts to get well of with their economy and people start to get richer which leads to the fact that they don’t have the need anymore to rip of western tourists. People are just friendly, and they want to help you.

Koh Tao Diving


In comparison to Vietnam and Cambodia, the prices in Thailand are in between them. Vietnam is cheaper, but Cambodia is a lot more expensive. I did some significant activities like a diving license and rock climbing which cost me a lot of money. But these activities were worth every cent. And at the end, I still stayed in my daily budget of 54 euros on average. The food is one of the cheapest things in Thailand. Especially Street food is super cheap and mostly better than restaurants. Hostels and day tours are sometimes more expensive, but the Hostels are good, and tours are always worth it. For the transportation prices are similar to the neighboring countries although it’s a lot better and more convenient. Try to look out for cheap flights sometimes it’s the better option. Especially when you are in Bangkok or fly to Bangkok. Like that, I got a flight from Phuket to Bangkok for 26 Euros with luggage included.

Food Thailand
Fresh fruit smoothies for 1 euro or even less in Chiang Mai


Especially the north has incredible nature and a lot of activities to do. Travel to Chiang Mai, and from there a whole new world will open for you with elephants, rain forest and waterfalls everywhere. I did a two days trekking tour to the Karen villages, visited the Elephants and did white water rafting. In addition to that, you can visit the little town of Pai. Even though it’s overrun from tourists, it’s still in the middle of nowhere and only a few minutes outside you are entirely in nature. In the south of Thailand are mostly islands one which you can explore the sea life. I did my diving license in Koh Tao and had some fantastic adventures under water. The sea life is, and on nearly every Island you can go diving.



If adventures are not your thing or you just had enough adrenaline and nature, you can relax on one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches all around Thailand. The south is full of Islands, and all of them have beautiful beaches. The only beach I didn’t enjoy was the beach in Phuket, Patong beach was dirty and full of tourist. However, only a few minutes away from Patong some other beautiful beaches can be found.

Rock climbing Railay Beach

Thailand is my favorite country until now. I enjoyed the time there and although the mass tourism has taken over its beautiful and worth a visit. There are so many places I still have to discover, and I’m sure I’ll do that at some point in the future.

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