Coron vs. EL Nido

Which destination is better? Coron or El Nido? There is no doubt for me – EL Nido is much better.

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Let’s start with the good thing about both

Both destinations have stunning nature surrounding them, and in both destinations the tours are fantastic. The bigger Islands are surrounded by a lot of small Islands with spectacular rock formations and empty beaches. Tours and even private boats to these places are not expensive, and they guarantee a good day.

Boat Tour Philippines

The lousy thing both have in common?

Both destinations have millions of tourists, bad WIFI and are expensive. Yeah, I know that doesn’t speak in favor of these places, but as these are the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, everyone wants to come here. I don’t mind a lot of tourists as it often means that the tourist infrastructure is good and it’s easy to travel to these places. It’s a different story for El Nido and especially Coron. Hotels and hostels are expensive and have poor quality, and not many good restaurants can be found. The WIFI is, and most places don’t even have WIFI, only the local Sim cards work just fine. Tourism exploded in here the last years, and they can not keep up building the right infrastructure. That’s a common problem in the Philippines, but on these two places, it’s extreme.

Boat Tour Philippines

So why is EL Nido better?

EL Nido has the better tourist infrastructure (still far from good but a lot better than Coron) and you can find some good restaurants, bars and coffee shops here. Most of the accommodations have aircon, and there is a beach just in the city. Also, you can stay a little outside of town where the beaches are lovely, and the vibe is a little more chilled then just in the city center. Coron is by far the worse city I’ve seen in the Philippines, and I didn’t feel comfortable there. In my opinion, it’s enough to visit El Nido and have a great time there and save the money for a long boat ride to Coron. The nature in El Nido is at least as stunning as in Coron, and in EL Nido you can at least do something within the city.

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