Cities in Java – Activities are amazing, the rest is boring.

The activities next to the cities are amazing; there is no doubt – Volcanos, temples and more volcanos. But the towns are just unbelievably dull. Malang and Banjuwangi are now the most boring cities I’ve been in 4 months traveling. So my tip, do the designated activities and leave again as soon as possible.

How to visit Bromo without a tour
The way to Bromo

Why do I say that?

I went to Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Banjuwangi in Java and one some days I was bored to death. I visited these cities to do the activities which are located around. In Yogyakarta, it was the Borobudur Temple, in Malang the volcano Bromo and Banjuwangi the Volcano Ijen. And these activities were unbelievable and worth it. But as soon I had some free time in the cities I was bored – very bored.

How to visit Bromo without a tour

Nothing to do in the cities

First of all, there are basically no tourists – of course, I wasn’t traveling in the high season – but I have seen 2 tourists in 12 days traveling in java. If you are traveling with your travel buddy, this might not be the worse part, but as a solo traveler, you tend to be very lonely if you can’t talk to any people in days. In addition to that, there are no activities in the cities, nothing to visit and they don’t even have night markets. I wanted to have good food at least – but not even that could be found. I looked on TripAdvisor for some good restaurants, but except a few costly ones, there was nothing to be found. I ended up to go to McDonald’s and KFC or just bought some snacks from one of the Indomarets. On one evening in Malang I wanted to have at least a drink somewhere and be under people, but also this was impossible to find.

Not even Netflix is working

So after eating KFC for the second day in a row and not finding any bar or chilled place I returned to my Hostel. I asked my brother for his Netflix account in hope to see at least a good film in the evening. I started my pc and tried to log me in only to find out that Netflix is not available in Indonesia. So, I ended up watching YouTube and Facebook videos for about 5 hours in my bed. 

Maybe I’m a little bit spoiled from Thailand and Vietnam where every city is packed with activities, night markets, fantastic food, and party, but I was bored in the towns in Java. As I said the activities are amazing, and you should definitely do them. And if you need a little bit time for yourself without tourists, it might also be a good idea to stay there and just read a book. If this isn’t the case, I advise you to plan your journey that you don’t spend much time in the cities. Just hike to the volcano and make your way out the city again as soon as possible.

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