Chengdu – Pandas and the Leshan giant Buddha

Next big city, next Adventure – Chengdu. From Xi’an, I traveled to Chengdu with a high-speed train and arrived at the best hostel I had so far. The XiShu Garden Inn has the friendliest stuff I ever saw in a Hostel. They helped where they could and even fixed my bag. My roommates were also the best. We were only 4 people in our room, and we got along very well.

Panda research Base Chengdu

Day 1: Panda research base

After a night out and a lot of alcohol, I needed the morning to recover from my Hangover. However, an afternoon was enough to visit the panda research base in Chengdu which is only 30 min out of the city center. Pandas are a species that are in danger to become extinct, there are only 1639 free-living pandas on the planet. The Panda research base in Chengdu tries to avoid the extinction by protecting the pandas and gives them everything they need to reproduce themselves. These animals are so cute, and they seem to have to perfect life. Only eating Bambus and sleeping the rest of the day. I had the chance to watch one of them eating, and the rest of them was sleeping.

Panda research Base ChengduPanda research Base ChengduPanda research Base ChengduPanda research Base ChengduPanda research Base ChengduPanda research Base ChengduPanda research Base Chengdu

Panda research Base Chengdu
These were the red pandas. They are a lot smaller.

Panda research Base Chengdu

Day 2: Leshan Giant Buddha

To be honest, I wouldn’t do this again. I mean the Buddha is impressive, but I needed in total 3 hours to get there and to get home the trains were booked out, so I needed to wait for 4 hours at the train station. To top it I needed to stand for over an hour on the train because it was overbooked. For me, it was too much of traveling and too expensive in total to only watch this Buddha. The Buddha itself is impressive though, 71 meters high, 28 meters wight and even in the small toe, a human would find a place. All of this was build in the year 618 – that’s impressive. By paying the entrance fee of 40 yuan, you can see the Buddha from below and to see it from beneath you need to pay another 140 yuan for a tour with a boat, what I didn’t do. Around the Buddha is a nice park with a little forest where I walked through and took some pictures. Unfortunately, that’s it, there is not more to see, so I went back to the train station and waited for my train. The Buddha itself is nice, but to travel 5 hours (and that’s without waiting for 4 hours for the train) it’s not worth it. I wished I visited more of Chengdu instead.

Leshan giant BuddhaDSC01348-01.jpeg

Not everything can go as planned and I think it’s not the last time that I have to sit for hours on a train station, so I made the best out of it and worked on this post.


  • Total countries I visited until now: 25


  • Planes: 3
  • Busses: 6
  • Trains: 6
  • Km running: 226
  • Drinks: 13

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