Things to do in Bangkok Pad Thai

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #8 Eat Pad Thai

Pad Thai – Thailand’s national Dish, my favorite Dish in the world and the classic on every Street food market. It is a must when visiting Thailand, and I promise you that you’ll love it as well. You can find it with Shrimps (The original version) with Chicken, with pork or as a vegetable alternative. It’s a noodle dish with vegetables and spices, topped with peanuts and by choice dried chili powder.

Things to do in Bangkok Wat Pho

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #7 Wat Pho, the reclining Buddha

Another Temple which is worth to visit is Wat Pho or also known as the reclining Buddha. The temple has a giant Buddha which is in a reclining pose. The Buddha is around 50 meters long and 10 meters high. The pose is kind of funny, to be honest. Other then this giant Buddha you can find some other buildings with smaller buddhas inside and beautiful colored roofs and buildings.

Things to do in Bangkok Grand Palace

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #6 Grand Palace

What is Bangkok famous for? Yeah for its amazing Street food and its several temples. One of these temples and the biggest one is the Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok. All in Gold and beautiful colors it stands out from other temples around Asia, and it is more a complex of different buildings. The locals go there and pray so please respect them and keep silence inside the temples.

Things to do in Bangkok Chinatown

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #5 Try the Street food in China Town

China town is another of these food wonders in Bangkok. If you followed me for a while, then you know that I place the food in China on the same level then the food in Thailand. Both are amazing, and China town combines both and turns it into a food lovers paradise with incredibly low prices. From roasted duck to super sweet little pineapples, everyone can find something here.


30 Things to do in Bangkok – #1 Khaosan Road

Everyone heard about this Street, and it might be the most famous Street in Bangkok. A lot of people hate it; a lot of people love it. But there is no way around it, and I think you have to see it at least once. The Street is filled with clubs, bars, food, annoying vendors from tailors over balloons with laugh gas in it. This Street is just packed to it’s maximum, and it is here where you can find all of the tourists.