Manali to Leh Motorbike tour – Day 1 – Rothang Pass

While I was in India, I couldn’t resist visiting the majestic mountains in the north of the country, and I couldn’t have a better time. Manali is such a charming small village in the middle of the mountains. But what I did then just toped all my expectations and change my image of Indian landscapes forever.

Things to do in Manali

Things to do in Manali – Motorbike trip to the Jana waterfalls

In my last post, I told you about my trip to the Solang Valley by mountain bike, this time I went with a motorbike to the Jana falls and apart from the sportive part it was as amazing. It will take you about 1 and a half hour to reach the Jana falls by motorbike, and there you can hike up to the waterfalls for around 1 hour.

India in Monsoon

Why you shouldn’t visit India in Monsoon season

Should I visit a country in the rainy season or not? That’s always a hard question, and you can be lucky and have a fantastic time for lower prices, but sometimes it’s a big waste of time. Some countries are worth visiting in Rainy season like Myanmar or even Thailand, but some countries are not advisable, and that’s the case for India.

First impressions India

2 weeks in India – a first impression

India really is a country of contradictions – you have to super friendly people who want to rip you off on every possible occasion as well, chaos everywhere but also bureaucracy everywhere, and the fantastic food which can make you sick any moment. It is not easy to travel in India, and it isn’t for sure a destination for a first time Backpacker. But once you get used to some things, pay attention to others and have some travel experience you can have an amazing time here. The following is my impression after two weeks in India.


Bangladesh – Maybe a little too much of an adventure

I wanted the adventure, I wanted the experience, and I wanted to get to know a country not many people know. I thought that it can’t be that bad and that it’s going to be a fantastic time.
Reality hit pretty fast, precisely after two days. I traveled 10 months before and never got a culture shock – Bangladesh gave it finally to me. I feel sorry for the lovely people in this country, but I think the truth has to be told even if it’s not positive. The country is simply not ready for tourists, especially not for solo backpackers on a budget. Here are the reasons I think it’s not yet time to visit Bangladesh.


Dhaka – how crazy can a city get?

Dhaka is crazy, sadly not in the right way. If I had to describe the city in a few words, I would think of chaos, dirty, noisy, chaos, and again chaos. There is not really something to visit in my opinion, and it’s just a big hustle to get around. It’s not a typical tourist destination, but I wanted to give it a try despite the bad reputation. Well, I know now why the reputation is that bad, and I sadly have to admit that there is not much to talk good about. Despite all of that I met some charming people, and they tried their best to show me the best sides of the city. People are super friendly, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s just not a tourist destination. Here are 2 of the craziest stories I encountered during my week in Dhaka.