Preparations for the Mount Everest Base camp Trail

The Mount Everest Base camp is at 5364 meters above sea level. It is an 8 to 16 days hike to get there, and in total, the journey takes about 12 to 22 days, depending on the way how you depart from Kathmandu and which way you go. I’m about to go on this big journey, and the big question is: How do I prepare for that?

Which country has Asia’s best food? – Top 3

Food and trying different cuisines is one of the best things while traveling. Discovering new things and just randomly order something without really knowing what it is are my favorite things to do. These randomly chosen dishes are mostly the best, and you’ll probably find your new favorite recipe like that. And one thing I can tell you already, the food you know from home is totally different than the food in the country itself. So, if you don’t like the Chinese restaurant around the corner, wait until you are in China – it is a different world.