7 Travel tips I learned in 6 months Asia travel

It’s been 6 months that I’m continuously on the road and travel from country to country, from city to city, and from adventure to adventure, I made the best experiences in all my life and had/have the time of my life. Other then that I learned a lot about traveling – I mean I traveled before, but this is on another level, and I learned so much in these 6 months. I learned how to save money, protect the environment a little more, how to get the best from A to B and a lot of other travel tips. The 7 most essential travel tips I’ll present to you in this blog entry, and I hope I can help you to get a better travel experience on your next trip.

Great Ocean Road

The budget question answered after 6 months of travel experience

While I was answering the question of how much I spend per day in each country – I’ll tell you in this post on what I spend the money to travel around the world, especially in Asia. Sometimes it is exciting on how these expenses vary from country to country. And like this, it’s possible to find out what you spent most of the money and find ways to reduce these costs.

Great Ocean Road

The budget summary – what’s my average daily spend in the different countries

One of the biggest, before you start traveling, might be “what I’m going to spend?”. And it is also one of the hardest to answer. The answer depends on so many things, and it’s for anybody different – however in this blog entry I tell you what I spent in the various countries, what the most expensive states are, what the cheapest countries are, and I compare the countries to each other. In my next blog entry, I’ll tell you on what I spent the money (food, accommodation, transportation, etc.) and then I’ll give you tips on how to save money and still enjoy any moment.

6 months traveling

6 months into traveling nonstop – what it’s like – A motivation for you to start traveling

The past 180 days were just crazy. The 1st October 2018 I took my one-way flight to Beijing over Moscow, and since then my life was a nonstop adventure. It’s so hard to find words to describe this time and what it’s like, but I try my best to give you a glimpse of how unusual such a decision can be and hope to convince you to take the first step as well.