Best things to do in south Cebu, Philippines

1.    Whale Shark watching

The Whale Shark watching is only possible in Oslob on the southeastern part of the cebu island in the Philippines. The wales appear every morning at around 5 am because they get feed by the locals. As soon as the sharks are there, some boats leave the beach and drive about 100 meters in the sea where people can go snorkeling and watch the majestic creatures. These animals are enormous but so harmless as they swallow the water instead of biting into things to get their food. They don’t care about all the tourists in the water and want their food. It was so lovely to swim next to these giant animals. However, hundreds of people want to see them every day, and at the beach, massive crowds are waiting. I recommend to only to the tour with the Sharky Hostel in Oslob, in my next post you can find out why.

Things to do in south cebu
Things to do in south cebu

2.    Snorkeling in Moalboal

Moalboal is located on the west coast of the Island around 3 hours bus from Cebu city away. Here you can rent snorkel and fins for only 3 euro and jump into the water. The underwater world here on the beach is better then the diving I did on the great barrier reef. On the one side of the Beach, you have millions of sardines, and they swim synchronized as you swim throats them – wonderful to watch. On the other side of the beach, the turtles come and eat the seaweed, and you can swim alongside them. For nearly nothing and no effort, you have a fantastic experience!

Things to do in south cebu

3.    Canyoneering

Jumping, swimming, hiking, beautiful views and excellent blue water – just adrenaline pure. That’s how you best describe the canyoneering experience near Moalboal. I took a motorbike and went to the beginning of the Tour, here you can bargain for a reasonable price. We got a private tour for only two people for 1000 pesos instead of 1500 pesos with a big group. It starts with a motorbike trip up the hill. After the safety briefing, there is a 30 mins hike to the beginning of the canyoneering. From there it’s just pure fun. Jumping then walking through the water and posing on rocks for the perfect photo. The jumps are from 3 to 12 meters, but you can skip them and walk down if you don’t feel like jumping. In the end, you’ll arrive at the Kawasan Falls – a beautiful waterfall where it is possible to swim in a light blue colored lagoon – stunning.

Things to do in south cebu
Things to do in south cebu
Things to do in south cebu
I jumped from there

4.    Osmena Peak

It’s the highest peak on Cebu Island, and from there you can see over all the Island and also the surrounding islands. The hills are beautiful, and the hike up is not that difficult. From Moalboal you need around 1 hour and 40 mins by motorbike to get to the beginning of the walk. The hike is not that long (20 mins), and you’ll need to pay 30 pesos entry. But it’s worth the effort!

Things to do in south cebu

5.    White Beach Moalboal

Only 10 minutes by motorbike away you can find the white beach. A beautiful beach to relax with clear blue water and a view on the next island. The water is very calm, and no waste can be found.

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