Bangalore (Bangaluru) in August – an escape to the heat and Monsoon

Bangalore or nowadays called Bangaluru is a megacity in the north of India pretty much in the middle between the two seasides. The city is famous for its IT sector; it’s called the Silicon Valley of India and for its pub culture.

For me, it was a perfect escape from the heat and also the rain. Although I wouldn’t recommend visiting the city during high season when India experience good weather all over the country, it is the perfect place to visit during Monsoon. Temperatures are only between 20 and 28 degrees in the day, and it is mostly just raining in the evening. The humidity is also a lot less than in the north of the country. I could actually walk around for more than 5 minutes and don’t start sweating.

Other than that, you can visit one of the many pubs, bars, and clubs. Especially on the weekend, the city, especially around Church Street and Indiranagar is alive, and people go out a lot. Some of the bars are good, and I had a pretty lovely evening in the Black Rabbit bar in Indiranagar.

What else is there to do?

Around Bangalore are 4 or 5 places for day trip hiking. All of them are around 2 hours drive from the city center away. The most famous site is Nandi Hills, and I also visited the Savandurga Hill, which was worth the effort.

Nandi Hills is 2 hours drive away, and I took an Ola taxi with a friend from the hostel to drive there. The driver waited there until we finished our hike. As we were already on the top, we walked down and hiked up all the way again. It took us about 2 hours to go down nearly all the way and up again. On top, you can find monkeys looking for food and some food stalls (which I don’t recommend at all).

Nandi Hills

The Savandurga Hill is also around 2 hours’ drive away from the city center, and I found it even better than the Nandi hills. However, the hike up isn’t easy at all. A moderate to good fitness level is required to hike up all the way. You’ll hike up the rocks, and at some points, it goes up extremely steep. With a good fitness level, the hike will take you 2 hours up and down. The view is worth the effort for sure.

First impressions India
India in Monsoon
Some nature near Bangalore
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