Sydney on a Budget

6 Things to do in Sydney on a tight budget

Sydney is a city full of activities and things to do. I spent a total of 5 nights there, and I found it to be the right amount of time. Sydney is a great city, and a lot of different activities can be done there but most of them are expensive and not really for a Backpackers budget. In my List of things to do in Sydney, most are for free. Only the walking tours operate on a tipping system, however that’s not much. So here are my 6 things to do in Sydney on a tight budget.

Great Ocean Road

Australia’s public services – the advantages for Backpackers

We all know that Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world and one thing they are even ahead of 99 % of European countries are public services. Public toilets, public showers, and drinking water all for free. I’m so surprised what some small things have for an effect and what you can find here everywhere. As a result, I feel even safer, and as a Backpacker, it helps a lot. In some cases, it protects the environment, and in other instances, it protects your health, and it helps to save some money.

Nusa Penida

Why you should visit Nusa Penida with a Tour

Nusa Penida is the Island just next to Bali – it is there where all these fantastic photos get shot and where you can find one amazing beach next to the other. If you are in Bali, don’t have that much time and still want to get a taste of that Island – you should do it with a tour. The other possibility would be to visit the island in two days and sleep on the Island. However, one day was enough, and I would do it always again.

Bali sunset

Where in Bali should you stay?

To be honest, when I planned on going to Bali I thought that it was one Island and there was just one place where all the tourist would stay. While I wanted to book my first Hostel, I realized that I was wrong. Bali is huge – like everything in Indonesia – and there are several beautiful areas where you can stay. Each of them has its characteristics, and you have different activities you can do in the different parts. I have been in the three main sections and this blog entry I’ll compare them, so you can decide upfront what is the best part to visit. Keep in mind that Bali is huge, and traffic can be horrible, so from Kuta to Ubud, you’ll need over one hour by motorbike and even longer with the car. It’s not a good Idea to stay in Kuta when you only do activities in Ubud.

Bali to Lombok

The best way to get to Lombok (and Gilis) from Bali

There is no doubt – it’s with the motorbike. In the last six days, I was exploring the Island of Lombok (The Island next to Bali) and the Gili Islands. And all of that I did with a motorbike. It was not only the cheapest option but definitely also the most flexible option. The negative side is that it is slow, especially to travel from Bali to the Gilis and back takes a lot more time on this way. Therefore it’s also just a fraction of the cost.