Australia’s public services – the advantages for Backpackers

We all know that Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world and one thing they are even ahead of 99 % of European countries are public services. Public toilets, public showers, and drinking water all for free. I’m so surprised what some small things have for an effect and what you can find here everywhere. As a result, I feel even safer, and as a Backpacker, it helps a lot. In some cases, it protects the environment, and in other instances, it protects your health, and it helps to save some money.

Water everywhere

Everyone needs water, and it’s a human right to get water supply. Australia understood that it is essential to drink a lot for human beings and so they placed water fountains everywhere. In any park, near every public toilet, in every library, in every café, pub, bar, restaurant or Hostel you can find water supplies with fresh drinking water. While walking through the city, you can refill your bottle several times or drink from the fountain if you feel thirsty. This doesn’t only save you a lot of money from buying water and keeps you hydrated on any occasion; it also protects the environment because you don’t need to buy any plastic bottles anymore. Just buy your big refillable bottle and refill them. And if you are camping, you can purchase 10-liter jerrycans and take them with you on the free camping sites (they often don’t have drinking water). 

Toilets everywhere

You can not only find drinking water everywhere but also Toilets. On every beach or every park, some showers can be found. They usually are around the parking or on the edge of the beach. Every free camping has a toilet ass well, these are often only outhouses without water, but it still does the job. And it’s so surprising that these toilets are nearly always clean and usable. Of course, the bathrooms on the campgrounds sometimes smell pretty bad, but that’s normal. Other public restrooms on the tourist spots are nearly always clean. In the big cities fewer toilets can be found; however, you just need to ask at a restaurant or a bar, and they let you use their bathroom. A mentally which is badly missing in Europe.

Even showers everywhere

Ok everywhere is maybe a little bit exaggerated but on a lot of beaches, you can find even showers for free. They are often outside, and it’s not welcomed to wash yourself with soap (it’s more to clean up the salt water), but even that’s better than nothing. On some of the famous beaches, you can also find closed showers where you can take a proper shower for free. This is pretty cool as most of the free campsites don’t have showers available.

Public transport

The public transport in the cities is extensive and frequent – there is no problem to get around on any occasion. However, it’s pretty expensive. For a 20 min ride in Melbourne you pay up to 4,60 AUD and the limit on regular days is at 15,40 AUD in Sydney on weekdays (This means that no matter how much you drive you won’t pay more than 15,40 AUD). However, on a Sunday, this limit is lowered to 2,60 AUD that means you can drive a bus, tram, and subway or even public boats all day long for as less as 2,60 AUD. So look out for these opportunities to save some extra money.

Other public services that may help

In every toilet, you can find a particular bin for needles and sharp objects. This is also an excellent initiative as I think because it keeps children and cleaners save from these dangerous needles and the addictive people got an opportunity to throw these things away anonymously.

In every big city, you can test yourself against any STI’s. Even as a foreigner and without any health insurance you can be tested, and it’s entirely for free.

If you run out of electricity, you can go to any public library and charge some of your devices in there. They got free wifi, and the libraries are very clean and a nice place to spend some time if the weather is terrible.

Especially as a backpacker you can take some serious advantages of these public services and save the environment and your wallet. f

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