Australia – Why I want to go back to Asia

This might be one of the unpopular opinions, but I think it’s time that I say it out loud:

Australia is definitely overrated and Asia underrated.

Before you start writing your hate comments just read on, listen to my arguments, and if you haven’t been to Asia before, go there. You’ll see that every one of the following arguments come true for yourself.

Australia is way too expensive

The biggest problem with Australia is the prices. Everything is just so expensive, especially fresh food, accommodation, and any activities. For a hostel, you have to pay over 20 Euros, and these hostels are the worst hostels I stayed in. This leads to the fact that most Backpackers go camping eat the cheapest food and drink goon (I never tried it but as I heard is it the rest of white wine what is to bad for standard bottles). You are forced to search for free camping places which are often 50 to 100 km away from the area you want to be. You sleep next to motorways with noise all night, and if the weather is bad, you wake up stepping in mud. Even the public transport in the cities is so expensive that you pay up to 10 Euro a day.

Now this might not be the worst in the world, and you can survive this lifestyle as a young Backpacker, BUT if you can have a beautiful Hostel, every time a proper meal in the restaurant and private taxis to go around the city for even LESS money in Asia I find it a little bit frustrating.

Car in Australia

Food is so much better in Asia

As we all know, Australia was a colony of the UK, and many things from the UK are still present until today – like the food. And as we also know is the UK not really famous for its kitchen. If I went to a restaurant the best and affordable things were mostly Turkish or Asian food.

Food in Thailand
My favorite: Pad Thai for 80 cents in Bangkok

In contrast to that, you find amazing and cheap food literally on every corner in Asia. If you walked once through the Saturday evening market in Chiang Mai, you never want to eat anywhere else anymore. The food in Asia is just super good and affordable. In previous posts, I showed you the best things you can find for example in Vietnam, in Thailand or China.

Bun Cha Vietnam
Bun Cha – even President Obama ate exactly this meal in this restaurant and liked it.

Asia has better beaches

Everyone told me Byron Bay is such a beautiful beach and that Bondi beach is the place to be – Well guys you clearly haven’t been to the Railay beach in Thailand, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Koh Tao in Thailand, Phi Phi Island in Thailand, or to any beach in Nusa Penida in Indonesia.

Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida
Rock climbing Railay Beach
Railay Beach Thailand

One thing has Australia though – clean beaches without waste and the perfect surfing waves. But regarding the beauty of the beaches, the point goes to Asia.

Other reasons

Other then these things I can conclude that the real adventure awaits you in Asia, not in Australia. It’s chaotic, hectic and unorganized in Asia, while this might be bad for my grandma who wants a relaxed time on the beach, it’s exactly the right thing for us backpackers. We are young, energetic, adventures and fit, we don’t need signs to warn us, rules on every little thing and everything organized. Just take a motorbike and drive through the traffic in Hanoi or manage one mountain pass after the other on the Ha Giang Loop – after that, you can relax with a 50 cent beer and 80 cent pad Thai. Other than paying a 160 Euro fine in Australia for parking your car only in the wrong direction. Asia is where the adventure awaits you, and that’s what I miss so much in Australia. 

Ha Giang Loop

Some people might also argue that Australia is much more modern then Asia, and that’s also not true anymore. The newest shopping mall in Australia, the Pacific Fair on the Gold coast is a joke compared with the ICOM SIAM in Bangkok. China has a better transport system than 99 % of the rest of the world and flights in Asia are super affordable. Of course, Asia has these very underdeveloped places, but that adds some excitement to your travels – in Australia, every city looks like the other one, and not much different from any European city.

People in Asia are as friendly as in Australia, and I felt as safe in Asia. In fact, the only times’ someone stole something from me was in Hostels in Australia.

Australia is, after all, a fantastic country and to live here with a good salary must be wonderful to raise your children, but if you’re off for the ultimate adventure and the time of your life – visit Asia.

  • Total countries I visited until now: 34


  • Planes: 8
  • Busses: 36
  • Trains: 18
  • Boats: 20
  • Km driving: 4500
  • Km running: 1800

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